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Interview with Jan Reh, CEO of RIMOWA Electronic Tag

4 April 2016  •  Author(s): International Airport Review

Jan Reh, CEO of RIMOWA Electronic Tag GmbH, reveals the innovative luggage tag that is set to revolutionise premium air travel.

Interview with Jan Reh, CEO of RIMOWA Electronic Tag

Imagine a world without paper tags, with long queues being replaced with efficient processes, higher sales through new services and satisfied passengers being handled in a shorter amount of time. This concept was the driving force behind the innovation project called ‘BAG2GO’, initiated by Airbus in 2013, which evolved into a pioneering new product, the RIMOWA Electronic Tag – the world’s first digital and fully integrated check-in solution for luggage.

Currently available worldwide on Lufthansa flights, the tag works on a RIMOWA suitcase using an airline app and the RIMOWA Electronic Tag with an E Ink Mobius™ display, which is innovatively built into the luggage itself. CEO of RIMOWA Electronic Tag GmbH, Jan Reh, explains: “Technology needs to be ‘smart’ and by that I mean it needs to be fully integrated, so when RIMOWA Electronic Tag was developed, our number one priority was to provide a simple A to B travel experience that is seamless.”

Activating the RIMOWA Electronic Tag is easy – once a passenger has packed their suitcase they simply press a button that can be found inside the suitcase. This activates the module for 30 seconds during which time the passenger’s smartphone connects to the module via Bluetooth. The passenger then uses the airline app to select their flight and the airline app transfers the flight information to the display panel of the electronic tag – thereby providing a luggage label. The suitcase is then ready to be dropped off at the airport’s designated drop-off location.

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