Optimise your airport resources with the new Level of Services concept!

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1 December 2015

Supported by:

1 December 2015


When evaluating and determining the overall airport performance, it is particularly crucial to have a balanced view of the passenger terminal system from the perspective of different airport stakeholders and users.

Therefore, IATA and ACI have joined forces to provide an objective and unbiased analysis of the provided Level of Service (LoS) at terminal facilities. The new guidelines were published in the latest update of IATA’s Airport Development Reference Manual (ADRM). This neutral assessment determines the best possible solutions to optimise the LoS and available terminal capacity for the whole airport community.

As the new LoS concept comes with a completely new philosophy, this webinar will provide participants with detailed insights to this new framework and its proper application. Practical examples from recent IATA Consulting projects will illustrate how to best apply the rather abstract definition to real cases.

Key learning points

In watching this webinar, you will:

  • Comprehend the new LoS concept and its background/rationale
  • Understand the differences between the old and the new LoS concept
  • See practical applications of the new LoS concept in capacity assessments using simulation
  • Learn how to apply the rather abstract definition to real cases
  • Learn from examples about possible pitfalls in the interpretation of LoS space standards and the consequences of wrong interpretation

Keynote Speaker


Jurgen Renner – Manager, Airport Consulting, IATA

Jurgen Renner - Manager, Airport Consulting, IATA

Jurgen gained comprehensive experience in the aviation industry, particularly in strategic airport development and airport management. In more than twelve years of his professional career, he participated in 50+ successful airport consultancy projects of various scales throughout the world. Working presently in IATA’s Consulting department in Montreal, Jurgen is responsible for the management and delivery of airport infrastructure projects comprising planning & design and specific analyses such as capacity and Level of Service assessments. Jurgen is also IATA’s permanent member in the ICAO Aerodromes Panel where new Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) are being developed. Before joining IATA in 2009, Jurgen worked in Germany for the airport management company HOCHTIEF AirPort. By leading the Technical Working Group, he was responsible for the detailed elaboration of all technical elements associated with HTA’s airport privatization projects. Jurgen holds two university Master degrees in Civil Engineering and MBA in International Management.


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    10 responses to “Optimise your airport resources with the new Level of Services concept!”

    1. Gio Ruiz says:

      I am interested to know about the new Level of Services concept, especially on communication as an extension of customer service, if there is such a thing in this webinar. Thanks!

    2. Pablo says:

      Good afternoon, last week I made the registration for the webinar, at the end of the registration process the page indicates that a link is going to be send to us for watching the webinar, i havent received any link, that´s why i send this email.
      I would apreciate some info about.

      Pablo Arróspide
      [email protected]

    3. Minna Kuronen says:


      I’ve received the link for the webinar, but it doesn’t work.


      • Jonathan Marriott says:

        Hi Minna, sorry to hear you were having issues. If you follow the link now you’ll be able to watch the on-demand version of the webinar. Should you have any further issues, please reply below. Best wishes, Jonathan.

    4. Paolina Ferrulli says:

      I also had issue with the link to the webinar and wasn’t able to attend it.


      • Jonathan Marriott says:

        Hi Paolina, sorry to hear you had issues also. Are you able to access the on-demand recording below here? https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/10625/173423

        • Paolina says:

          Hi Jonathan,
          Thanks for your answer. I would like to ask you if it is possible to watch again the webinar or if any information could be provided about it (e.g. a report with the content of the presentation).


          • Jonathan Marriott says:

            Hi Paolina. You can watch the webinar recording by clicking here. Please note, you may need to re-register after clicking this link as we changed webinar platforms shortly after this live webinar took place. In the meantime, we will pass your details onto IATA so that they can get in touch and provide you with more information. Best wishes, Jonathan.

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