Mark Swan, Head of Airspace Change Organising Group on modernisation of the skies

Posted: 2 February 2023 | | No comments yet

At the Airport Operators’ Association 2023 annual conference in London which took place on Tuesday January 31, International Airport Review caught up with Mark Swan, Head of Airspace Change Organising Group (ACOG) for this exclusive interview.


Speaking about the Airspace Change Organising Group, Mark says that the invisible motorways in the sky have not changed since the 1950s and there are resilience, efficiency and sustainability savings to be made with modernisation – this is where ACOG comes in.

In 2018 passenger delays were about 13 minutes per flight across the whole of Europe – if we do nothing these passenger delays are due to increase to 28 million minutes of delay by 2030!

Speaking on his to-do list for 2023, Mark said that a big ticket item on the to-do list is to explain their mission to the public and what it means for them in order to take them on the journey.

Speaking about the future of aviation, Mark said that decarbonisation is imperative. We hear a lot about SAF, In the near-term airspace modernisation can contribute to the net zero target by removing 20% real fuel savings which can contribute to the 2050 target! 


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