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MIA has implemented “the Nirvana of Business Intelligence and POS systems for operators with retail revenue-share models.”…

Concessionaire Analyzer+ (CA+)

Malta International Airport (MIA) has implemented what the airport’s Information Systems Manager Ruth Delia Giacomotto calls “the Nirvana of Business Intelligence and POS systems for operators with retail revenue-share models.”

Concessionaire Analyzer+ (CA+) allows MIA to collect all retail sales transactions from a concessionaires’ PoS systems as well as from the Airport-POS solution that it has deployed to most concessions, and enables them to slice and dice data to meet various reporting and analysis needs and better manage and boost their retail revenues. CA+ allows the data to be centrally collected, analysed, reported on, audited, used for invoicing of revenue-sharing concessions, and be the subject of business intelligence reporting.

CA+ also gathers passenger numbers per flight and flight details into one source, and, through the CA+ Business Intelligence module’s role-based dashboards, to provide deep analysis of the retail sales patterns measuring various metrics including the important sales per passenger on different routes, carriers, zones in the airport, shop type etc. as well as traditional metrics such as sales per square meter.

The collection of concessionaire sales data is automated and, in most cases is in real-time, and has allowed MIA to reduce efforts involved in manually collecting and fixing concessionaires’ data, freeing a lot of staff time while improving the quality and accuracy of the data.

Because the effect of promotions implemented by con – cessionaires can be measured in detail, CA+ allows MIA to work with their concessionaires to boost retail revenues and assists MIA in undertaking more effective negotiations with carriers and concessionaires because of their understanding and to optimise the retail mix.

CA+ acts as the central intelligence of all retailing activity in the airport terminal. “With pre-defined reports as standard and customisable reports in a few clicks, MIA now has its management reports ready in an instant,” concludes Delia Giacomotto.

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