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ADB showcases industry’s first complete energy efficient airfield ground lighting solution at the Airport Show 2012 in Dubai, May 22nd till May 24th…

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ADB showcases industry’s first complete energy efficient airfield ground lighting solution at the Airport Show 2012 in Dubai, May 22nd till May 24th.

Airports around the globe can now dramatically reduce their environmental impact by choosing ADB’s range of energy efficient products. The end to end* airfield ground lighting solution from ADB uses the latest technologies, and alternate energy sources to reduce power consumption at every level.

The solution comprises the new AD-lights, EREL High intensity runway LED lights including existing taxiway LED lights, Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) controlled regulators, the ALCS remote control, as well as the AGLAS individual lamp control and monitoring systems. It includes Advanced Power Supply (APS) and solar-powered low-intensity lights, which are durable, commercially available solutions for ‘greener’, more energy-efficient airports.

“In a world which is increasingly conscious of the need for environment friendly practices, airports must adapt to make their operations more energy-efficient,” said Christian Onselaere, CEO, ADB. “Our ‘green airports’ philosophy combines a decade of experience in ecological airfield ground lighting with deep product expertise, and is the basis of the industry’s first end-to-end* airfield ground lighting solution to help airport operators fulfill their eco-sustainability commitments.”

AD-lights are a key component of the solution. These LED** inset lights address the end-to-end lighting needs of runway and taxiway areas, are highly energy-efficient, and can reduce power consumption by up to 70%. AD-lights are already installed at Paris CDG (France) and Manchester International Airports (UK) and will soon be deployed at London Gatwick, Liège (Belgium) and Treviso (Italy) airports.

Advanced Power Supply offers alternative power supply for airfield ground lighting via pulse-width modulation***. ADB’s pure sinewave IGBT constant current regulator (CCR) ensures low harmonic distortion**** and high power factors to improve efficiency and decrease power consumption. Installed in more than 50 airports in Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, South Africa, United Kingdom, China and Australia it is the most widely deployed IGBT CCR worldwide.

ADB’s remote control system for airfield ground lighting combined with the AGLAS individual control and monitoring system (ILCMS) which has been installed at the New Doha International Airport makes efficient use of energy by switching the lights on only where and when needed. The company’s solar-powered lights not only offer energy savings by using integrated photovoltaic solar panels but also substantially reduce the cost of installation, cabling and civil works.

These products are on display at the Airport Show 2012 in Dubai, at booth number 122. Visitors to the booth can meet with ADB experts to understand how to operate in a more eco-friendly manner. They can also calculate their profits using the web-based green efficiency calculator.


* Refers to end-to-end lighting and power supply solutions for landing till gate.

** LED: ADB’s LED products are highly reliable, consume less energy, lower maintenance costs and are compatibility with the 6.6A series circuit.

*** Pulse Width Modulation: A commonly used technique for controlling power to inertial electrical devices, made practical by modern electronic power switches

**** Total Harmonic distortion: or THD, is used to characterize the power quality of electric power systems. THD of a signal is a measurement of the harmonic distortion present and is defined as the ratio of the sum of the powers of all harmonic components to the power of the fundamental frequency.

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