AAAE adds pay-per-view courses to ANTN Digicast web-based training product

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ANTN Digicast has expanded its offerings to include pay-per-view courses…

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ANTN Digicast, the web-based, on-demand airport training tool offered by the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE), has expanded its offerings to include pay-per-view courses tailored at individuals or small groups of employees seeking a cost-effective, efficient source for key airport operations and security training.

ANTN Digicast’s pay-per-view offerings include 20 courses covering topics such as Part 139, airport security, and airfield driver training. The new product line also features the first Digicastprogram offered in Spanish: Physical Vehicle Inspection, which was developed based on international aviation standards. Plans call for new courses to be added in the near future.

Courses start at just $25 per user, and can be bought individually or in groups. Airport training administrators have the ability to buy multiple seats for courses and assign them to employees as needed. Each course comes with a test and test results are maintained on the system, allowing airports to demonstrate to regulators that their employees have completed required recurrent training.

“ANTN Digicast’s per-course offerings are ideal for airports looking to train just a few employees on key airport operations and security aspects,” said Joan Lowden, AAAE’s senior vice president of communications. “While Digicast’s flat-rate subscription plans still offer airports the best value in terms of available courses and per-employee training costs, this new option to purchase just a few courses and train a handful of employees means that ANTN Digicast now offers cost-effective, efficient training packages suitable for any sized airport.”

The ANTN Digicast pay-per-view option complements the service’s standard flat-rate subscription plan. Airports that subscribe to ANTN Digicast have unlimited access to the service’s training programs, which currently number some 500 videos. Topics covered range from operations, ARFF, security, customer service, FAA required recurrent training, general aviation airport security, and more. ANTN Digicast training is designed for airport employees as well as tenants, such as airline workers and subcontractors, who work at an airport.

Digicast programming is accessible online via any Web-enabled computer, and the system tracks training on a per-user basis, which enables airports to fulfill the need to verify and track training.

For more information on ANTN Digicast or to request a free trial, visit or contact Trina Hadden at 703.824-0500 ext. 162. AAAE 2012 Annual Conference attendees can receive a demo of ANTN Digicast by visiting the AAAE Showcase, Booth 435, on the exhibit hall floor.

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