Aviation Security Advisory committee members select AAAE’s Carter Morris as Chair

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Carter Morris as chairman of the Aviation Security Advisory Committee (ASAC)…

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The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) today announced the appointment of American Association of Airport Executives Senior Vice President of Transportation Security Policy Carter Morris as chairman of the Aviation Security Advisory Committee (ASAC).

Established in 1989, ASAC is the federal advisory committee that provides TSA recommendations for improving civil aviation security methods, equipment and procedures. Morris joins vice chairman Bill Cason, Director of Security for the Coalition of Airline Pilots Associations, as the committee’s new leadership. ASAC members nominated Morris and Cason, who will each serve a 12-month term.

“Morris and Cason bring strong backgrounds in aviation to the table that will be invaluable assets in leading the committee,” said TSA Administrator John S. Pistole. “I am confident that their vision for the future of the Aviation Security Advisory Committee will be key in advising TSA as it moves forward with a more intelligence driven, risk-based approach to aviation security,” Administrator Pistole added.

“Forging strong working relationships between TSA and industry stakeholders is a key part of advancing aviation security policy and procedures,” Morris said. “I’m honored to accept the role as ASAC Chair and look forward to working with TSA and the industry to strengthen aviation security.”

ASAC recently held its first meeting to reestablish the committee, following the appointment of new members by Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. The new private sector leadership will work with TSA to establish committee priorities and provide recommendations to enhance security for the traveling public.

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