ACI World launches Airport Service Quality (ASQ) Retail benchmarking programme

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ACI World is proud to announce the launch of its ASQ Retail programme…

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ACI World is proud to announce the launch of its Airport Service Quality (ASQ) Retail programme. ASQ Retail is an impartial industry benchmarking tool that enables airport managers to improve the performance of airport retail operations in three key areas: food and beverage, duty-free and non-duty-free goods.

ACI World Director General, Angela Gittens commented, “During these times of economic instability, when passenger demand is stagnating and freight volume is decreasing, the role of non-aeronautical revenues in safeguarding airport finances is especially important. In 2010, non-aeronautical revenues made up 46.5 percent of industry revenue worldwide. The ASQ Retail programme is a powerful tool for measuring, benchmarking and managing the performance of airport retail, food and beverage services.”

The ASQ Retail programme provides a performance overview of the airport retail operation and grades each aspect of its performance in relation to that of other airport retail operations around the world. The airport manager can evaluate the individual characteristics of retail operations and identify areas that can be improved. ASQ Retail also provides in-depth information about shopper profiles, purchasing behaviour and seasonal variations in traffic patterns so that the airport managers can make reasoned decisions in the dynamic world of retail.

ASQ Retail Provides:

  • Bi-annual benchmarking of sales performance and satisfaction levels with food and beverage and retail
  • Benchmarking of commercial key performance indicators (KPIs) and key sales ratios (sales conversion rates, total spend, etc.)
  • Comparison of shopper profiles
  • Trend data to monitor performance over time
  • Access to the full data from all participating airports
  • Strict confidentiality of data which limits data access to participating airports and is not disclosed to third parties

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