London Stansted responds to the Government’s consultation to develop a sustainable framework for UK aviation

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London Stansted Airport has the space & permission to serve 35 million passengers…

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London Stansted Airport has the space and permission to serve 35 million passengers a year on the existing single runway – and has the available capacity to help serve point-to-point demand in the capacity constrained south-east airports system.

This is the key message from London Stansted’s response to the Government’s scoping document consultation to develop a new sustainable framework for UK aviation. Other headlines include:

  • The UK aviation sector is a key sector for the economy with Stansted a key driver for growth in the East of England;
  • Support for a new sustainable framework that strikes the right balance between social and economic benefits within clear environmental limits;
  • Reform of the industry to ensure best use of available capacity and fairer taxation;
  • Stansted’s track record shows growth can be achieved whilst minimising the increase in impacts;
  • A focus on putting passengers’ interests first.

London Stansted’s response sets out the clear priority to grow the airport to its permitted 35 million passengers a year limit making best use of the airport’s excellent infrastructure, including its existing single runway and terminal building. This can be achieved whilst minimising the impacts of growth and maximising the airport’s contribution to the economy at a local, regional and national level.

Nick Barton, London Stansted Airport’s Managing Director, said:

“We welcome this opportunity to contribute to the important debate on the future of the UK aviation industry and to ensure the Government is properly informed of the issues and perspectives that are relevant to London Stansted.

“We believe making best use of London Stansted’s permission to serve 35 million passengers a year will be the most sustainable approach to serving point-to-point demand in the short to medium term, but there is a pressing need for an updated aviation policy to provide a clear, long-term framework for the future of the sector, and we welcome the Government’s commitment to deliver this by 2013.

“London Stansted has a key role to play in supporting both policy development and the delivery of a sustainable aviation framework. We believe that the combination of the innovation brought about by the low cost airlines together with increased utilisation of Stansted’s spare capacity will bring significant benefits to consumers and the economy, and at the same time protect the environment.

“It’s very clear the Government must strike the right balance between the benefits and impacts of aviation, and the relationship between them, but it’s also very clear that a dynamic and innovative aviation industry supports the UK economy and jobs – Stansted is the largest single site employer in the region with over 10,800 jobs – and is critical to our international competitiveness.”

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