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Posted: 13 July 2011 | NATA | 2 comments

The National Air Transportation Association’s (NATA) Safety 1st launched 18 new online safety and health training modules…

National Air Transportation Association (NATA)

Today, the National Air Transportation Association’s (NATA) Safety 1st launched 18 new online safety and health training modules. These modules were developed using the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) standards and regulations and are specifically designed to train employees at aviation businesses.

NATA’s 18 modules include back safety, bloodborne pathogens, cold stress, ergonomics, fall protection, fire extinguishers, forklift safety, hazard communication, hearing conservation, heat stress, ladder safety, lockout tagout, machine guarding, office safety, personal protective equipment and respiratory protection. Companies can buy only those modules applicable to their job. From office workers to maintenance technicians, line service personnel, pilots and more, the modules allow the user to create a curriculum that best meets their job requirements. Each module averages 30 to 45 minutes in length and all 18 modules can be completed in approximately 10 hours.

“The best news about this online training is that it is available any time your employees want to train and it can be accessed using existing Safety 1st online training credentials, said NATA Director of Safety and Training Amy Koranda. “With 18 modules to choose from, employees can take their time going through training concepts and, once complete, run through a quick exam to confirm their training.”

NATA’s Safety 1st Safety and Health Training for Aviation Facilities Online Training Features…

  • Anytime, anywhere availability
  • The latest best practices and industry standards
  • Lessons illustrated with high-quality photos and diagrams
  • Electronic reporting of student progress
  • Universal login for PLST Online participants

Online Training Allows You To…

  • Put safety first
  • Instruct to one standard
  • Improve operational efficiency and effectiveness
  • Ensure safe employees and service
  • Track student progress automatically; eliminate tedious training paperwork
  • Stay current with the latest regulations
  • Minimize time away from work

Additional information can be found at

“With the range of NATA Safety 1st online educational modules now available, NATA members are realizing the convenience and financial benefits of adding Web-based training to their safety programs,” said NATA President and CEO James K. Coyne.

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