New air traffic control centre opens in Lima

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The new centre will be equipped with Indra’s Aircon automated air traffic management system…

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Indra has concluded the implementation of the new air traffic control centre at José Chavez International Airport, Lima. The centre will manage the air traffic of the whole country and will facilitate the management of a larger amount of flights in a more efficient way.

The new centre will be equipped with Indra’s Aircon automated air traffic management system. This solution offers air traffic controllers a global vision of the movements of civil aircrafts as well as more effective traffic management.

The company will provide the Lima centre with a centralised communication system to enhance the coordination among the agents involved in the air operations. The system will expedite the coordination between air traffic controllers of the tower and control centres with ground personnel, emergency services and third country’s airports.

On the other hand CORPAC air traffic controllers and technicians have already received the initial training at the new instruction centre which Indra started up in Peru. The company has also delivered specialisation courses at its facilities in Spain.

The startup of this control centre is a significant milestone in the modernisation of Peru’s air traffic management infrastructures. The modernisation project was awarded by The Corporation of Airports and Commercial Aviation (CORPAC) in 2010 through an international public tender, where Indra competed with the main companies of the sector.

The company is now engaged in the deployment of a Monopulse Secondary Surveillance (MSSR) Mode S radar network – the most advanced technology for civil aircraft detection and identification – which will be responsible for 86% of Peru’s air space.

One of the eight radars acquired by CORPAC is already installed at Jorge Chávez international airport while the installation of the systems destined to Talara, Pucallpa, Ayacucho and Arequipa airports is underway. The remaining three will be installed in Cajamarca, Iquitos and Cusco.

Over 1,200 facilities and 95 countries are equipped with Indra’s air traffic management systems. Regarding Latin America, a long-standing cooperation between the company and The Central American Corporation for Air Navigation Services (COCESNA) has rendered the systems which manage the upper air space of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Belize. In addition to this, the control centres and airports of most of these countries are equipped with Indra’s technology.

Besides the outstanding project underway in Peru, we should also mention the recent contract for the provision of several air traffic radar systems to Brazil. Furthermore, Indra has undertaken the modernisation of many air traffic management infrastructures in Panama, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.

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