Stansted Airport launches Noise Action Plan

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London Stansted launched its Noise Action Plan to further drive down aircraft noise impacts at the airport…

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London Stansted has this week launched its Noise Action Plan that spells out a raft of measures to further drive down aircraft noise impacts at the airport.

The five year blueprint, approved by The Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and the Department for Transport (DfT), contains nearly 60 stringent measures to manage aircraft noise. Highlights include:

  • Championing the use of the world’s most modern, clean and efficient aircraft by encouraging the phase out of older, noisier planes by 2015;
  • Heavier fines for off track flying and noisy aircraft (money collected to be fed into local community projects via the Stansted Community Trust);
  • Safeguarding no fly zones over the towns nearest the airport;
  • Proposing new landing techniques to reduce noise from arriving aircraft;
  • Working with the industry to pioneer new technologies to further improve aircraft performance.

Stansted was required to publish a five year noise action plan as part of EU and UK environmental regulations. In 2009, an extensive 16 week public consultation on the proposals took place including eight exhibitions in local towns and villages to capture the views and opinions of as many people and organisations as possible. The consultation feedback was carefully analysed and played an important part in the development of the plan resulting in over 20 new actions being introduced.

Stansted Airport’s head of health safety and environment, Dr Andy Jefferson, said:

“We are delighted that the Government has adopted our Noise Action Plan. I’d like to thank all those in the community who helped us shape it, particularly members of our independent monitoring body – the Noise and Track Keeping Working Group. It is by working together that we can achieve the best results, and we all look forward very much to continuing this important work with the community in the years ahead.

“For over a decade Stansted has been at the forefront of pro-actively monitoring and working with our airlines to tackle noise issues, regularly going beyond the requirements and best practise. Since 2005 we have reduced the number of noise complaints received by over 15,000 a year and the areas worst affected by noise has decreased significantly in size.

“The publication of today’s plan is all about building upon our solid foundations and renewing our commitment to drive for even higher standards of operations as we work to protect our community from the impacts of noise.”

Stansted’s Noise Action Plan is available online at

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