Morpho supplies additional SmartGates in New Zealand

Posted: 21 June 2011 | Morpho | No comments yet

Morpho announced that it will deliver additional SmartGate equipment to Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch airports…

Morpho (Safran group) announced today that it will deliver additional SmartGate equipment to Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch airports in response to the expected increase in air traffic during the Rugby World Cup 2011. This important phase strengthens the long term partnership between New Zealand Customs Service and Morpho for the implementation of improved border control solutions.

SmartGate carries out biometric identification of eligible ePassport holders. Travelers are identified in real-time using facial recognition technology, based on digital images stored in the chip of electronic passports. The system has been recognized as a key tool for the New Zealand Customs Service as it not only simplifies the control process but also accelerates border crossing without compromising security.

“Since its implementation, the SmartGate system has seen considerable uptake by the traveling public and has significantly improved Customs clearance time. This additional equipment will help us handle the expected high passenger throughput during the Rugby World Cup,” said John Secker, Acting CEO of New Zealand Customs Service.

“We are both proud and honored that New Zealand Customs has continued their trust in our SmartGate system,” said Cyril Dujardin, Managing Director of Morpho’s local subsidiary, Morpho Australasia. “This order reflects the success of our state-of-the-art border control solutions and how they meet growing market demand”.

Following the successful implementation of SmartGate in Australia, New Zealand Customs Service adopted the system in 2009. The additional equipment is expected to be implemented in major New Zealand airports prior to the World Cup.

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