Israel Airports Authority and X-Sight Systems sign a major contract

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X-Sight to equip Ben-Gurion International Airport with an Automated Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Detection System…

Systems Ltd. (XSight) and the Israel Airports Authority (IAA) are proud to announce the signing of a contract that will allow for the implementation of Xsight’s FODetect® system. The FODetect®, a unique hybrid optical-radar sensing system, will be used to automatically detect FOD at Ben-Gurion International Airport (BGIA) in Tel Aviv, Israel. The selection of Xsight’s system places BGIA among the leading airports to adopt this automatic FOD detection technology.

The IAA’s selection of the FODetect® system for BGIA followed a rigorous two year evaluation process. The IAA determined that the Xsight FODetect® system is the best fit to the airport’s runway performance requirements. Furthermore, the IAA is confident that the FODetect® system will reduce the risk of FOD damage to aircrafts and thus increase flight safety for all passengers & cabin crew members alike.

The FODetect® system provides an effective FOD detection solution so that risky and costly damages incurred from FOD can, to a high degree of probability, be avoided. Continuous in-between-movement scanning of the airport runways by the FODetect® system allows for the immediate detection and removal of FOD from active runways. The FODetect® system utilizes unique hybrid high resolution optical-radar sensing technology to effectively detect the object, alert the operator and classify the FOD. Various FOD material types and sizes are reliably detected in most situations including in harsh weather and operating conditions.

As Yair Gannot, the Director of Aviation Safety at the IAA states: “I am very pleased with our decision to proceed with the FODetect® system. After careful consideration, we at the Israel Airports Authority believe that collaboration with Xsight will help to reduce FOD related incidents and increase the overall safety and efficiency at the Ben-Gurion International Airport. Furthermore, this implementation will benefit all of the airport’s stakeholders, from the airline operators, to the pilots and air crew personnel, to the airport operations team, and most importantly all of the air passengers passing through the Ben-Gurion airport.” The contract, signed in March 2011, stipulates that work will be completed over a three year period effective immediately. This year, Israel’s busiest international airport will equip its main takeoff runway with the FODetect® system. The second and third runway installations are scheduled for 2012 and 2013 respectively. Gannot is confident that Xsight’s system will further contribute to operational improvements and effectively enhance safety measures that are currently ongoing at the Ben-Gurion International Airport

Alon Nitzan, President and CEO of Xsight is delighted with the agreement; “I am glad that the Israel Airports Authority has decided to implement the FODetect® system at Tel Aviv Ben-Gurion International Airport. Those traveling to and from the Ben-Gurion International Airport can rest assured that Xsight’s FODetect® system will heighten their safety by keeping continuous watch over the runways, thus reducing the chance of debris related incidents. Additionally this implementation coupled with all of the other technological and operational measures undertaken by the authorities at BGIA helps to rank the airport as one of the safest airports worldwide.”

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