SITA meets IATA deadline for automated bag rules

Posted: 8 April 2011 | SITA | No comments yet

SITA today announced that within minutes of the new IATA resolution regarding automated baggage rules coming into effect on April 1st, the IT provider went live with its automated baggage fees pricing solution…

24 airlines, including Asiana, Cathay Pacific/Dragonair, China Airlines, EVA Airways, Garuda, Transaero and Singapore Airlines, are now using SITA’s Horizon Autobag in line with IATA Resolution 302.

This new resolution re-defines how baggage rules are applied on a given itinerary, including interline journeys. Its adoption recognizes the need for change as more and more airlines were defining their own baggage allowances and charges depending on the number of bags checked, class of travel, frequent flyer status and routings.

Participating airlines now electronically file their baggage allowance policies and charges to a centralized database to support consistent pricing across channels and pricing systems.

Brian Cook, SITA Vice President, Passenger Solutions, said: “SITA is pleased to be among the first major pricing system providers to support the fulfilment of the new IATA baggage rule resolution. We recognize the importance of new revenue streams to the airline community and the recent SITA Baggage Report specifically highlights the importance of baggage fees as an ancillary revenue source for airlines, accounting for over 3% of passenger revenue in some cases.

“The level of Horizon Autobag transactions in the first few week has been strong and will continue to grow as the interline partners of SITA’s customers implement the resolution and as more of our 120 Airfare Price customers come online.”

With SITA’s solution, airlines can – in their direct sales channels – accurately price and ticket point-to-point travel and interline itineraries with participating carriers, in compliance with the airlines’ baggage policies. Horizon Autobag ensures the proper application of baggage allowances and supports the collection of bag charges both by the airline and its interline partners, ensuring that revenue is correctly distributed.

SITA worked with Datalex to leverage components of the Datalex Travel Distribution Platform to enable the operation and on-time delivery of Horizon Autobag, ensuring continuity of service for the airlines and a seamless passenger experience.

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