Business aviation facilities plan for Narita Airport

Posted: 10 February 2011 | Narita International Airport | No comments yet

Narita International Airport Corporation announced that the key objectives in conjunction with expanding the airport capacity is to create a multifunction airport…

Narita International Airport Corporation has announced that one of our key objectives in conjunction with expanding our airport capacity is to create a multifunction airport capable of catering to diverse aviation needs including LCCs and business aviation. As part of this initiative, we have given a great deal of consideration to the possibility of constructing a dedicated business aviation facility. Based on reports from the Growth Strategy Panel at the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) and discussions by the Committee on Business Aviation Promotion hosted by the Ministry, we have now put forward the following implementation plan:

  • We shall commence thorough deliberations to construct a dedicated business aviation terminal with CIQ facilities at Narita Airport.
  • The site for the terminal will be the 1st floor section of the South Operations Center which Japan Airlines intends to vacate as part of its restructuring plans.

NAA will continue to cooperate with MLIT and other agencies to develop an exclusive business aviation facility and implement other measures in order to provide greater convenience for business aviation users, thereby contributing to the growth of our nation.

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