Hong Kong air traffic control wins international safety award

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The Civil Aviation Department of Hong Kong has come out sparkling in a global awards scheme honouring safety in aviation.

Hong Kong air traffic control tower

During the CANSO Global ATM Safety Conference 2017, the Civil Air Navigation Services Organization (CANSO) today (November 8) announced that the winner of the annual CANSO Global Safety Achievement Award is the Air Traffic Management Division and Air Traffic Engineering Services Division, Civil Aviation Department Hong Kong.

The organisation was commended for commissioning a new air traffic management system (ATMS) in Hong Kong and further enhancing air navigation safety and efficiency in the Hong Kong flight information route (FIR).

Speaking on behalf of the judging panel, David Harrison, Safety Director, NATS and Chair, CANSO Safety Standing Committee, said: “We are absolutely thrilled by the standard of entries for this year’s award. They are a true showcase of the excellent work being undertaken on safety improvements across the ATM industry and my congratulations go to all of the nominees for their hard work and dedication.

“In particular, I’d like to congratulate this year’s winner. Deploying a new air traffic management system is a complex undertaking in its own right, and in the case of the Civil Aviation Department Hong Kong, this provided more than a new traffic management system. It also delivered automatic safety net features deserving of specific recognition.

“The inclusion of short-term conflict alert, cleared level adherence monitoring, special use airspace warning, and a constant altitude plan position indicator made the Civil Aviation Department Hong Kong nomination notable and the specific, quantifiable safety benefits realised make the system extraordinary. The initiative is therefore a prime example of a significant safety contribution, and we congratulate the team on their success.”

Yesterday, the Director General of CANSO, Jeff Poole, urged airport operators to make the most of modern technology to improve safety, whilst not being afraid to try innovative new procedures.

Today, Mr Poole said: “As the global voice of ATM, CANSO works hard to recognise excellence and expertise across the industry. Safety is our number one priority, and this week’s conference and the Award shows how important it is that we recognise and learn from innovation and excellence in ATM safety. Whether that is embracing new technologies and entrants to airspace, or exploring best practice and the methods we can use to monitor and improve performance. The ATM community has a wealth of knowledge and experience, and global events and ceremonies such as these highlight the true value that collaboration between industry key players and peer-to-peer learning can bring.”

On receiving the Award, Mr Simon Li, DGCA, CAD Hong Kong, Civil Aviation Department Hong Kong said: “The Civil Aviation Department (CAD) Hong Kong expresses sincere appreciation to the CANSO for selecting the CAD Hong Kong for this award.  It is in recognition of the safe and efficient air traffic management services provided by the CAD Hong Kong. In addition, the professionalism and dedication of the CAD staff as well as the safety and effectiveness of the new ATMS have been fully affirmed.”

The other CANSO Global Safety Achievement Award nominees were: the High Reliability Organisation (HRO) programme, skyguide; ‘Think Act Be SAFE’ project team, led by Brendan Booth, Head of Safety & Quality Standards, and Aarti Parajia, Employee Communications Specialist, NATS; Air Traffic Organization & Commercial Space Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration; and CPDLC Safety Survey, Survey Sponsor and Survey Team, FAB Central Europe (FAB CE) (ANS Czech Republic, Austro Control, HungaroControl).

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