Barco receives “Supplier Performance Award” from NAV CANADA

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Barco announced that it has received a Supplier Performance Award for delivering excellent products, service and support to NAV CANADA…

Visualization pioneer Barco announced today that it has received a Supplier Performance Award for delivering excellent products, service and support to NAV CANADA based on the provision of upgraded graphics and main Air Traffic Control (ATC) display systems for the ANSP in accordance with a contract awarded last November 2009.

Last November, Barco signed a contract to supply 500 networked graphics display systems for NAV CANADA’s CAATS (Canadian Automated Air Traffic System) and GAATS+ (Gander Automated Air Traffic System) ATC systems, comprising ISIS 2Kx2K LCD displays and Display Processor Module (DPM) 7700 servers. Barco has delivered half of the display systems ordered, with the balance to be supplied per the agreed schedule. The ATC systems are replacing outdated CRT displays to provide an enterprise-wide technology refresh for the ANSP.

The ISIS 2Kx2K combines performance, low lifecycle cost, user comfort and an open system environment into an innovative visualization architecture. During the past ten years, Barco has shipped nearly 9,000 ISIS 2Kx2K displays worldwide to military, commercial and civil aviation service providers. A high performance ATC display server, the DPM-7700 combines the latest graphics processing and computing performance into a compact, fanless package that eliminates the need for graphics generation on an application computer.

In its Supplier Performance Review of Barco, NAV CANADA referenced Barco’s “market-niche leading technology,” “innovativeness,” and “extremely competent technical staff,” characterizing the company’s overall performance as “…a positive experience from the evaluation of the vendor’s product to the final award of the contract….A vendor with a superior product and a focus on exceeding the customer’s needs.” Kim Troutman, Vice President of Engineering for NAV CANADA commented further: “We are pleased to recognize Barco with this well-deserved award. They have focused on reliability, not only with regard to product performance, but as demonstrated by their responsive customer support. We look forward to a continuing partnership with Barco as a trusted vendor.”

“NAV CANADA’s selection of Barco for a Supplier Performance Award demonstrates that we’re committed to delivering advanced capabilities, in the form of both quality products and attentive customer support, in our efforts to provide low-risk solutions ready for ATC operational use. We are dedicated to fulfilling the needs of ANSPs covering vast airspaces, like NAV CANADA, which commands the 5th largest airspace in the world. We’re proud of this recognition as a testament to our successful partnership with NAV CANADA,” said Hans Dekeyser, VP Traffic, Surveillance & Monitoring, Barco North America.

Barco executives will be honored at an awards luncheon in November at NAV CANADA’s corporate headquarters.

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