Operators encouraged to take part in survey on increasing non-aviation revenue at airports

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The link between airside retail spend and passenger measurement and processing is being explored in an online survey carried out…

The link between airside retail spend and passenger measurement and processing is being explored in an online survey carried out by leading aviation technology solutions provider Amor Group.

Operators are being encouraged to take part in the short survey, which looks at the challenges faced when looking to increase non-aviation spend as airlines increase load factors rather than capacity.

The results of the Increasing Non-Aviation Revenue (INAR) survey will be shared in a webinar session co-hosted by Amor Group and Caroline Peters, Operational Research Manager at Dubai Airports, the world’s largest airport retailer.

In an ideal operational situation, passengers should pass through security efficiently regardless of the peak demand, ensuring they are relaxed and have sufficient time to browse airside retail outlets.

However, Amor Group believes this can only be achieved if an airport has an accurate measurement of passenger movements and dwell times at all stages of their journey, and key pinch points at security are eliminated as a result of proper planning and effective operations.

Alan Hiddleston, Amor Group’s Airport Operations Specialist, said: “It’s widely acknowledged that the more time a passenger spends airside, the more likely they are to spend, and similarly, a passenger who is relaxed as they pass through airport processes is also more inclined to make purchases in airside retail outlets.

“We know that passengers are often spending too long waiting in queues, resulting in them spending less time in retail areas and reducing the likelihood that they will spend money at all.

“In the majority of airports, there is a lack of intelligence on dwell time and the effect that increased demand has on airport processes, which makes it challenging for airports to create an environment conducive to passenger spending.

“Through this survey, we hope to gain a better understanding of the challenges facing operators trying to increase this income stream, and rationalise the link between improved passenger measurement and processing and stronger retail performance.

“We are keen to have as many airports represented as possible, allowing us to build a better picture that we will be able share with participants via our webinar on Tuesday, November 30th.”

With a global client list including Heathrow, Frankfurt, Oslo and Gatwick Airports, Amor Group is widely recognised for its pioneering solutions that alleviate the common bottlenecks within airports.

A previous survey carried out by Amor Group sought views on security operations, airport resources and challenges around better management of changing processes and efficiencies.

A total of 45 airports across the world took part in the questionnaire, with participants from airports in the USA, UAE, the Netherlands, Norway, Australia, Greece, India, Italy, Qatar, Germany and Canada as well as the UK.

To take part in the latest Increasing Non-Aviation Revenue (INAR) survey, visit or

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