GCAA concluded the ROSI Road Show in UAE Airports

Posted: 17 September 2010 | CANSO | No comments yet

The UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) concluded recently its first “Road Show” on Reporting of Safety Incidents system (ROSI) that was conducted in all UAE airports in addition to Sheikh Zayed Air Navigation Centre.

The Road Show, presented by the Air Navigation and Aerodrome Regulations Section team, commenced on the 18th of August 2010 at Sheik Zayed Air Navigation Centre in Abu Dhabi and ended at 26 August in Fujairah Airport, was attended by nearly 100 staff from UAE airport’s air traffic control and aerodrome operation units.

The one day workshop introduced new systems for reporting operational safety incidents and initial mandatory notifications as well as reaffirming air traffic controllers’ responsibilities for alerting in possible search and rescue situations.

Airport management and operational staff were introduced to the enhanced Reporting of Safety Incident (ROSI) system which now includes Air Traffic Control and Aerodrome Operations modules. The ROSI system is a state-of-the-art process that serves as the essential mechanism for the GCAA’s mandatory reporting scheme and underpins the development of acceptable levels of safety within the aviation industry.

The success of the Road Show is yet another indication of industry’s strong support of the UAE’s State Safety Programme and commitment to strengthening communications between GCAA’s and the airport and air traffic control units.

The opportunity to engage directly with each unit in relation to Search and Rescue alerting protocols was invaluable and served to continue to increase the strength of this discipline. The introduction of the new ROSI modules will help to ensure the system provides a centralized and standardized platform with immediate benefits in reporting as well as great potential for enhanced analysis and trend identification.

The Road Show was presented by GCAA team Michael Hayes, cheif of air navigation and aerodrome section with Brian Day ATS inspector, and Michelle Soliman, senior aerodrome officer, included the Sheik Zayed Air Navigation Centre, Dubai Airport (including Dubai World), Abu Dhabi Airport (including Al Bateen), Al Ain Airport, Sharjah Airport, Ras Al Khaimah Airport and Fujairah Airport.”

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