GS&P Completes Land Use and Development Options Plan for Dayton International Airport (DAY)

Posted: 15 September 2010 | Gresham, Smith and Partners | No comments yet

GS&P, is pleased to announce the firm has completed a Land Use and Development Options Plan for Dayton International Airport (DAY)…

Gresham, Smith and Partners, a leading multi-disciplinary design and consulting firm for the built environment, is pleased to announce the firm has completed a Land Use and Development Options Plan (LUDOP) for Dayton International Airport (DAY). Assessing approximately 650-acres of airport property, the plan identifies opportunities and restrictions associated with both Aeronautical and non-Aeronautical related development, dividing the property into three distinct areas. Within the context of the plan, GS&P conducted a regional market assessment, a target industry analysis and a supply chain analysis. While considering the future needs of the study area, conceptual plans, sequencing schedules, probable development costs and recommended plans of development were prepared.

The LUDOP identifies the highest and best uses of the three proposed areas, as well as the constraints and obstacles which may hinder development. The overall goal of this Study is to maintain consistency with the proposed Future Airport Layout Plan, the Airport Strategic Business Plan and the Community Plans as adopted by the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission, City of Dayton, Montgomery County and surrounding jurisdictions. A site development website has been integrated into a new DAY website to provide details of the plan and help market the property.

“DAY will enhance its ability to grow the region’s economy by developing and offering additional land assets to attract new investment and retain existing businesses,” commented Walter Krygowski, Interim Director of Aviation for the City of Dayton. “Using our clearly defined goals and objectives, GS&P generated development concepts and recommendations that will allow DAY staff and the surrounding municipal leadership to make informed decisions regarding each of the three development areas.”

Within the context of the LUDOP, GS&P also conducted an update to the DAY Environmental Inventory to identify potential environmental concerns. The purpose of the inventory was to assist in preparation of an environmental impact statement by identifying the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) impacts that may need to be addressed. GS&P conducted field analysis, historical records reviews, airport staff and regulatory interviews to determine the potential for airport development to cause environmental impacts that would require NEPA work in several areas including but not limited to the following categories: air quality, energy supplies, natural resources and sustainable design, social impacts and water quality.

“Our team conducted a variety of analyses in order to provide DAY with a suggested development plan that considers a wide range of perspectives including the natural environment, neighborhood associations, transportation infrastructure, historical considerations and utilities among others,” stated Michael Cochrane, P.E., senior vice president, Land Planning and Design, Gresham, Smith and Partners. “Through the development of this plan, our goal was to assist DAY in their continued focus on contributing to the prosperity, economic growth and improved quality of life within the region.”

In addition to work with DAY, GS&P’s Land Planning division was recently awarded Outstanding Plan – Large Jurisdiction by the Kentucky Chapter of the American Planning Association (KAPA). KAPA recognized Louisville Metro Government and their consultant team, led by GS&P, for their work on the River Road Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan (CMP) which lays out a broad range of strategies and actions to protect and enhance the state designated Scenic Byway corridor.

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