Aviramp – A revolution in aviation!

Posted: 13 September 2010 | Ra'alloy Ramps Ltd | 1 comment

Ra’alloy Ramps Ltd of Telford UK previewed their latest product “Aviramp” at the Airports Terminal Expo Show in Brussels back in March 2010…

Ra’alloy Ramps Ltd of Telford UK previewed their latest product “Aviramp” at the Airports Terminal Expo Show in Brussels back in March 2010. Since then the product has taken the aviation industry by storm and Aviramp is set to go on Trial with Europe’s biggest low-fares airline at the end of November.

This revolutionary product is designed for remote stand use, giving free and easy access to all during boarding and disembarkation, particularly for people with reduced mobility. The aim simply being to save time and money for airlines and airports whilst improving the passenger boarding experience.

Manufactured from slip-resistant aluminium, Aviramp incorporates hydraulic drives which enable single person operation covering all aspects of Health & Safety. The fully adjustable top gangway is simply raised/lowered hydraulically to the correct height from ground level. This enables immediate access for all, reducing the need for expensive highlifts which very often cause costly delays.

The clever patented design compresses 20+ meters of ramp at an average of approximately 8 degrees of slope, depending on model. This minimises storage space and weight. There are two designs available; Aviramp Standard (for larger shorthaul aircraft) and Aviramp Regional (for smaller regional aircraft).

The product ensures self propelled wheelchair access in line with most international standards. With the ability to pre-board passengers, this offers a huge benefit to the airlines. Commercial Airline Pilot and Co Developer Adam Corfield comments: “I have previously worked in the low cost airline industry and one of the biggest delays on turnarounds was waiting for High lifts. Sometimes we would wait for up to an hour after arrival, usually due to breakdowns or lifts being used at other stands. This was frustrating for crew and passengers. As an operational commercial pilot, I immediately saw the benefits that Aviramp could offer. They are instantly available on stand, provide access for all and most importantly allow airlines and airports to operate much more cost effectively. With Aviramp costing roughly 18% of a traditional high lift, the airport/Ground Service Provider (GSP) gains the ability to release capital investment from sales plus eliminating their huge maintenance costs. In turn, this provides the airport/GSP with an opportunity to operate with a more modern and cost effective strategy, which should appeal to each and every airline.”

The much anticipated Aviramp trial will start in November for a period of 4 months. For more information see Ra’alloy’s website at

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