Forecasting tool upgrade boosts aviation efficiency

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An upgrade to aviation forecast product will enable airports and airlines to make better informed decisions in all conditions…

Upgrade to aviation forecast product will enable airports and airlines to make better informed decisions in all conditions.


The Met Office has launched an enhanced and upgraded version of its OpenRunway forecasting tool to help airports and airlines operate safely and efficiently with the most accurate weather forecast information.

Ian Cameron, Executive Head of Aviation from the Met Office, said: “Keeping runways open whenever possible is vital to keep the UK aviation sector moving.

“OpenRunway is the Met Office’s online weather-forecasting package that helps airport and airline operators make confident Aviation services, helping flights run to schedule and ensuring the safety of passengers.”

As well as advising when runways require treatment to weather conditions breaching thresholds set by the user, it also advises when they can stay open during marginal weather situations, helping to save costs and minimise disruption to passengers, airlines and airports.

OpenRunway is a one-stop shop for forecasting both winter and summer hazards, alerting those who need to know the current and forthcoming weather conditions at an airport up to 10 days in advance, allowing all-important lead time to plan ahead and minimise disruption. This in turn helps reduce unnecessary runway closure and other costs, whilst maximising operational efficiency and safety.

New features include a mobile and tablet-friendly interface, improved mapping and weather layer information and 24-hour forecast information.

The enhanced version of the product – launched today – takes the core aspects of the previous product and service that has proved hugely beneficial for customers including a clear 24-hour overview, TAF and METAR access and customisable red, amber and green (RAG) thresholds, and refreshes it to meet new and evolving market demand – driven by in-depth exploratory work with users.

Ian Cameron comments: “Our OpenRunway product has proven to be an indispensable tool for airlines and airports alike – helping them to plan in advance to mitigate the risks and potential disruption that the weather can cause – from de-icing to taking off.

“We always work closely with our customers and listen to their feedback on our products, and this has allowed us to enhance the product even further to meet the evolving needs of the aviation industry and provide a service which caters exactly to their needs.”

The upgraded OpenRunway offers the following features:  

•    Responsive design – access to information via mobile and tablet devices
•    24-hour forecast information
•    Observations data
•    Tabular and map data displays
•    Meteorologist consultancy services 24/7
•    Forecast outlook (0-5 day PDF and 6-10 day PDF)
•    Data update notification
•    24/7 technical support
•    Ability to set bespoke thresholds
•    Improved mapping and weather layer information
•    Easier administration
•    Five-day aircraft de-icing outlook
•    Map visualisation of aerodrome warnings in the UK
•    Screen configured for optimum wide-screen visualisation

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