CANSO Response to IATA on CNS “A Vital First Step” Toward Harmonising Global Priorities

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CANSO, has responded to the IATA Report on User Requirements for Air Traffic Services as a “vital first step”…

CANSO, the Global Voice of ATM, has responded to the IATA Report on User Requirements for Air Traffic Services as a “vital first step” in facilitating the industry’s efforts to harmonise global Communications, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) operations priorities.

The response, which was developed by the CANSO Operations Standing Committee, outlines and explains the ANSP view on CNS areas identified by IATA. Following a point-by-point review, it concludes that although the CANSO and IATA views are aligned on the majority of areas, there are some important differences in the areas of Satellite-Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS) and Primary Surface Radar (PSR). CANSO believes there is a safety case for both systems to be maintained, particularly at airports where the fleet mix remains very diverse.

CANSO Director General Graham Lake said:

“CANSO actively encourages the global harmonisation of CNS, and this response represents a vital first step in supporting the industry in its collaborative efforts to achieve that goal.

While it is encouraging that CANSO and IATA hold similar views in many CNS areas, we must now turn our attention to establishing a roadmap for setting global priorities that represent the best interests of service providers and airspace users. We look forward to working with IATA, and to building on a strong partnership between the CANSO Operations Standing Committee and the IATA OPC.”

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