Discovering Drones: First FAI International Drone Conference and Expo announced for 2017

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World Air Sports Federation, will hold an International Conference and Expo on drones in 2017, focusing on sports, innovation and safety…


Continuing our ‘Discovering Drones’ month here at International Airport Review, we take a look at the first ever international drone sports conference.


FAI, the World Air Sports Federation, will hold an International Conference and Expo on drones in 2017, focusing on three areas: sports, innovation and safety.

Drone technology, also called ‘unmanned aircraft systems’, is developing rapidly, with many new stakeholders coming into the aviation space.

The development of drone technology for business and industry has coincided with a boom in consumer and sports use. Drones in sport are leading to the rapid creation of races, tournaments, leagues, records and more.

As the internationally recognised leader in air sports and regulations for more than a century, the FAI is well placed to support and coordinate the worldwide development of drone sports and connect the stakeholders in the global arena of drones.

The FAI will invite drone businesses, manufacturers, media, governments, aviation authorities, event organisers and others to talk about and help further develop the technology and safe practice of recreational and sports drone flying. There will also be a supporting drone exhibition providing those in the industry with an opportunity to present the latest developments in this evolving technology.

A date for the Conference and Expo is yet to be announced, being planned for 2017.

FAI Secretary General Susanne Schödel said: “We are committed to helping build a platform for drone related innovation as well as developing drone flying in a safe way, in line with the general ‘safe practice’ guidelines that apply to other air sports.”

“The FAI International Drone Conference and Expo will be the perfect opportunity to explore the issues around this exciting and new technology and air sports discipline and provide a platform for the many and diverse interested parties to come together.”

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