Qognify Integrates Situator with Everbridge at Miami International Airport

Posted: 8 September 2016 | Roy Manuell, Digital Content Producer | No comments yet

Qognify, today announced the successful integration of its leading Situation Management/PSIM solution with Everbridge for Miami Airport…


Qognify, formerly NICE Security, today announced the successful integration of its leading Situation Management/PSIM solution, Situator, with Everbridge for Miami International Airport (MIA).


The integration between the systems combines the real-time knowledge of an unfolding situation from Situator with Everbridge’s incident management and critical communications capabilities, to effectively disseminate accurate, timely and situation specific information, for both daily operations and emergencies.

With the new integration, it is possible to send notifications directly from Situator’s Quick Launch bar, using predefined text, preassigned notification groups while automatically including data from the Situator database in the notification text. The joint solution enables the operator to see who received and viewed the notification and hence get an immediate status of awareness among relevant personnel handling the situation.

“The reason why I looked for this integration is because incident management and mass notification are two essential pieces of the security management at any large airport. Having the integration between these systems is crucial when dealing with emergencies such as security breaches or weather conditions,” said Miguel Brito, Building Systems Manager at Miami Dade County Aviation Department.

Annie Asrari, Senior Product Manager at Everbridge: “Through the partnership with Qognify, we are able to provide a comprehensive solution for MIA which leverages real-time situation information from Situator to enhance information sharing during daily airport operations as well as critical situations”.

“In cases of emergency – notification and incident management systems are key in alerting people of a potential danger and providing guidance, based on information from the situation as it develops,” said Moti Shabtai, President, Qognify.

“With Everbridge, the real-time communication improves information sharing and collaboration between responders, field personnel and the control centre for more effective responses and better incident handling.”

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