Egis wins major design & build contract at Oran Es-Senia Airport, Algeria

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Egis now conducts a new project at Oran Es-Senia Airport in Algeria…

As the new specific terminal designed to accommodate delegates of the 16th Conference on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG16) has been successfully achieved, Egis now conducts a new project at Oran Es-Senia Airport in Algeria.

The contract awarded by Etablissement de Gestion des Services Aéroportuaires (EGSA-Oran) includes:

  • project management for the design of a new international airport terminal;
  • refurbishment of the equipments of the airport’s existing passenger and cargo terminal areas.

The project has been assigned to a team of experts within Egis Avia, who is in charge of:

  • conducting a feasibility study and a strategic plan to prepare the ground for sustainable and harmonious development of the airport;
  • providing architectural design and execution plan of the designated buildings as well as construction works supervision;
  • ensuring training sessions of EGSA operational staff to properly run the new equipments and facilities.

Oran Airport existing terminal infrastructure had been designed to handle a maximum of 800,000 passengers per year. Over the recent years, they had been showing evidence of shortage of space and capacity. The project will thus enable to re-dimension and refurbish the current facilities in order to properly accommodate traffic increases over the next 15 years.

The creation of a brand new terminal along with the modernisation of existing facilities will raise the standards and quality of Oran Es-Senia Airport to international levels, in compliance with prevailing regulation in terms of safety, security and environment.

The airport’s capacity will hence be significantly extended to service up to 2 million passengers by 2025.

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