EMCOR Group (UK) Helps British Airways Property Services Achieve the Carbon Trust Standard

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EMCOR Group (UK) is pleased to announce that its energy management team has helped British Airways Property Services achieve the Carbon Trust Standard…

British Airways

EMCOR has worked closely with British Airways Property Services to reduce energy use across its property portfolio and achieve the Carbon Trust Standard

Launched in June 2008, the Carbon Trust Standard is the world’s first carbon award that requires an organisation to measure, manage and reduce its carbon footprint and actually make real reductions year-on-year. The accreditation lasts for two years, during which time continuous improvement must be maintained. EMCOR Group (UK) provides engineering services, facilities management and sustainable business solutions for a diverse range of private and public sector organisations.


EMCOR has been working as British Airways’ facilities management partner for more than 17 years and over the past three years has worked closely with British Airways Property Services to reduce energy use across its property portfolio by around 8%, resulting in a significant impact on its annual energy costs and supporting British Airways’ wider industry leading target of reducing its net CO2 emissions by 50% by 2050. Since April 2007 EMCOR has helped British Airways reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 9,230 tonnes, the equivalent to heating almost 3,000 average UK homes each year.

EMCOR’s energy management team has helped British Airways Property Services attain the Standard after reducing its carbon footprint through a raft of energy efficiency initiatives. While British Airways Property Services has made a number of investments in cutting emissions, such as upgrading to more energy efficient air conditioning equipment and low energy hangar lighting solutions, it has also achieved significant carbon savings through low-cost initiatives, such as upgrading equipment controls and awareness campaigns for staff and contractors to target energy wastage.

EMCOR has worked in partnership with British Airways since 1992 and provides a total facilities management service to 800,000 square metres of facilities across 75 buildings, including British Airways’ new flagship Terminal 5 at Heathrow.

Andrew Brown, Director of Airport Services for EMCOR said: “British Airways Property Services’ achievement of the Carbon Trust Standard is testimony to EMCOR’s commitment to helping its clients achieve their environmental objectives and reduce their carbon footprint. The Carbon Trust Standard recognises those businesses making genuine reductions in their carbon emissions. He added: “In this current climate, every business should be asking how much money their company can save; EMCOR can help its clients create sustainable businesses for the future.”

Vance Williamson, Head of Property Services for British Airways said: “We are delighted to achieve the Carbon Trust Standard for our property services division, the first in our industry to do so. This certification reflects the efforts of both British Airways Property Services and our partners in EMCOR to deliver continual improvement through our energy management strategies. This Standard provides an objective benchmark against which our commitment and success in addressing the carbon footprint of our estate can be measured.”

Harry Morrison, General Manager Carbon Trust Standard, said: “Increasing collaboration between landlords, tenants and outsourced providers is essential to successful carbon and energy efficiency. All organisations need to look at the performance of their buildings, offices and call centres to help us create a low carbon economy. Being certified with the Carbon Trust Standard demonstrates that British Airways Property Services has taken genuine action to cut carbon emissions from their estate, and that they are committed to making year on year reductions in the future.”

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