Brussels Airport Company hires specialised firm to inspect baggage from Ebola-afflicted region

Posted: 20 October 2014 | Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport Company is closely monitoring the situation with regard to Ebola and has been in constant consultation with the Federal Public Health service, Brussels Airlines and the various airport partners concerned…


In spite of the existing guidelines from the Federal Public Health service, anxiety about Ebola among airport staff continues to grow. Brussels Airport Company takes this anxiety very serious. The airport operator already organised several extensive information meetings in collaboration with the Federal Public Health service informing its partners and the unions about Ebola and the risk of transmission for the various disciplines at the airport.

To meet the increasing concerns regarding baggage handling the existing biohazard safety procedures were completed by an additional measure. Brussels Airport Company has hired a specialised firm to inspect baggage from the afflicted region (Freetown in Sierra Leone, Conakry in Guinea and Monrovia in Liberia) for leaks. Unaffected baggage continues its way through the normal baggage handling process. Any leaking baggage is destroyed.

Flyers with detailed information and practical tips were distributed to the airport staff. They are firstly advised to pay special attention to personal hygiene. Brussels Airport Company also urges airport staff to strictly observe the existing biohazard safety procedures and wear the usual personal protective equipment required to carry out the various jobs at the airport.  The airport operator calls on its partners to see to it that all of their members of staff are familiar with these.

Moreover Brussels Airport Company has made available a communication platform that centralises all information about Ebola and biohazard concerns. There’s also a central e-mail address: any questions sent to this address are answered by the Federal Public Health service.

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