Dingell Announces $8M Grant for Noise Enclosure at Detroit Metro Airport

Posted: 31 March 2010 | Wayne County Airport Authority | No comments yet

Congressman John D. Dingell applauded the recent announcement by the FAA that $8.35 million will be awarded to…

Congressman John D. Dingell (D-MI15) applauded the recent announcement by the Federal Aviation Administration that $8.35 million will be awarded to Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW) for noise mitigation measures. The Congressman made the following remarks about the grant:

“Detroit Metropolitan Airport is a major asset to Wayne County and the 15th Congressional District. Not only does it support much-needed economic activity in our region, but it serves as the first welcome for many passengers as they enter Southeast Michigan,” Congressman Dingell said. “Today’s grant announcement will not only allow the good work of the airport to continue, but it will also ensure that is able to continue to be a responsible partner within our communities by minimizing the impact for its residents. I know this funding will go a long way in supporting and improving our communities.”

The grant provides the federal share for funding the design and construction of a Ground Run-up Enclosure (GRE) at the airport. The GRE, a significant noise mitigation initiative, is the centerpiece of a list of 20 recommendations which the Wayne County Airport Authority submitted to the FAA after consulting with a committee made up of representatives of communities in the vicinity of the airport.

After making repairs, airlines regularly “run-up” aircraft engines for testing purposes before the aircraft are returned to service. Airlines will taxi aircraft into the three-sided GRE and run the engine at various levels up to full-power for periods of time ranging from a few minutes to as long as 45 minutes. Currently, the airlines perform these tests in open designated areas adjacent to runways.

“A ground run-up enclosure will have a noticeable impact for our neighbors because the airlines often conduct aircraft engine maintenance at night when ambient noise levels are low,” said WCAA CEO Lester Robinson. “This enclosure will absorb and deflect a significant amount of noise resulting from airline run-ups.”

To maximize the effectiveness of the GRE, it will be centrally located on DTW’s airfield, just north of taxiway A-5. The structure may be as large as 350-feet by 300-feet—large enough to accommodate a B747-400 aircraft.

“In addition to providing jobs and business opportunities for our communities, it is also important that the airport strives to be a good neighbor,” said Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano. “I applaud Congressman Dingell for his assistance in securing this grant.”

Construction on the enclosure will begin this year.

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