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G&D and TRITEC are to form a new technology group.

Benefitting from common synergies – Guntermann und Drunck GmbH (G&D) and TRITEC Electronic AG (TRITEC) have signed an agreement in this aspect to form a new technology group in November 2021. This partnership will strengthen the portfolio of the group by complementing the product offering of Guntermann & Drunck (G&D) – a leading technology provider of high-performance KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) solutions with TRITEC’s display management skills and expertise in the medical sector. The transaction is backed by Naxicap Partners, G&D’s current sponsor.

TRITEC, established in 1991 and headquartered in Mainz, Germany, is a leading provider of mission critical Multi Display Manager (MDM) devices for medical image processing solutions, with a strong focus on mission critical cardiology operating rooms. The Company designs, develops and manufactures its products in-house.

With MDM devices as its core offering, the company’s products operate at the intersection of medical imaging devices (e.g., C-arms, endoscopes, live monitors) and the displays for image-guided, minimally invasive procedures. TRITEC constantly integrates state-of-the-art hardware components enabling its high product performance. Its MDM devices allow customers to collect, mix and transmit various input signals on up to five outputs at highest resolutions (8MP) per direct cabling at near-zero latencies while securing continuous uptime. Input video signals can be displayed on any position on the output devices (e.g., monitors) at custom scaling and cropping.


Multi Display Manager (MDM)-device for medical imaging devices

Multi Display Manager (MDM)-device for medical imaging devices

G&D’s premium quality products, with its superior compression technology and leading KVM-over-IPTM solutions will be complemented by TRITEC’s outstanding display management skills and expertise in the medical sector. This transaction will broaden the group’s product portfolio, enhance new cross-selling synergies, and allow both companies to deliver better solutions to their customers.

Optimally equipped for multi-viewing concepts

This partnership adds another opportunity for G&D to make the work of controllers even easier. With MDM further solutions for multi-viewing consoles in ATC control rooms will be enabled.

Roland Ollek, CEO of G&D commented: “We are looking forward to working together with Jürgen Bullacher and Markus Müller-Heidelberg and the whole TRITEC’s team to further expand innovation and growth. We see high future growth potential for TRITEC alongside G&D leveraging on multiple synergies. Furthermore, our clients will benefit by having both companies’ expertise under one roof.”

Roland Ollek, CEO of G&D

Roland Ollek, CEO of G&D


About Guntermann & Drunck

Guntermann & Drunck (G&D) is a leading international provider of high-performance KVM solutions for a wide range of industries. The solutions enable pixel-perfect, secure and real-time video signal transmission over long distances for mission-critical applications. G&Ds modular technology offering comprises “classical-digital” KVM and KVM-over-IP solutions.

The company was founded over 35 years ago and is based in Siegen, Germany.

Further information are available at


TRITEC is a leading high end manufacturer of mission critical medical Multi Display Manager devices which are used to flexibly display multiple input video signals on one or more screens in minimally invasive cardio vascular interventions. The company offers its products globally via its OEM, imaging solution provider, and system integrator customers.

The company was founded 30 years ago and is based in Mainz, Germany.

Further information are available at

Headquarters of TRITEC in Mainz, Germany

Headquarters of TRITEC in Mainz, Germany

About Naxicap Partners

Naxicap Partners – a subsidiary of Natixis Investment Managers – is one of the leading European private equity companies based in France and currently manages assets of €5 billion. As a committed and responsible investor, Naxicap Partners builds constructive and sustainable partnerships with entrepreneurs to ensure mutual success. The company has more than 40 investment professionals in five offices in Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Nantes and Frankfurt. The investment company has been active in Germany since 2016. Since the opening of the Frankfurt office in 2018, investment activities in German-speaking countries have been coordinated there.

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