Billions of Euro’s invested in EMEA airports

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The major airports in EMEA are expanding terminals, airport cities, runways… rapidly with Billions Euro investment….


The major airports in EMEA are expanding terminals, airport cities, runways… rapidly with Billions Euro investment.

Under this background, supported by Munich Airport and IATA, partnering with 5 medias including Airport International, on Sep 29-30, Marriot Hotel Munich Airport, we gather 200 CEOs,CIOs, Head of Terminals from America, Asia, Europe, and Middle East exploring airports economic and expansion issues as well as operation& technology innovation.

Currently, this event is widely received in this Global Leaders in airports Industry. Speakers confirmed are:

from Europe:

David Steward

Head of Airport Development, IATA(event supporter)

Michael Zaddach

CIO, Munich Airport(event supporter)

Mr. Alexander Laukenmann

Senior Vice President Corporate Development, Environment and Sustainability, Fraport(event supporter)

Dr. Günther Ofner

CEO, Vienna International Airport (Project: Approximately EUR 110 million will be taken in hand in 2014 on the way to “Airport City”. Part of the plan is the expansion of the conferencing offers)

Beat Pahud

Senior Vice President the Circle Project, Zürich-Flughafen(Project: Flughafen Zürich AG is planning the largest building construction project in Switzerland circle project – become a focal point for business and lifestyle in 2018 )

Colm Moran

CAO, Dublin Airport

John Atkins

Airport City Director, MAG (Project:  £800 million MAG Airport city is the first& largest airport city building project in England)

Kristina Alvendal

CEO, Airport City Stockholm(Project: Sitting in Sweden’s Sigtuna kommun district, the new 800-hectare Airport City Stockholm will be developed around the country’s largest airport, Stockholm Arlanda, which today handles more than 19 million passengers a year)

from Asia

Dr. Sani Sener

CEO, TAV Istanbul Ataturk Airport( Project: according to our interview with the CEO Istanbul is scheduled to build the world`s largest airport handling 150 million passengers ) 

Xi Shaobo

GM, CAAC East China Regional

from MEA:

Mohamed Zouhair ELAOUFIR

CEO,  Moroccan Airports Authority

Mr. Tony Douglas

CEO,Abu Dhabi Airport

Mazhar Butt

SVP Passenger Experience, Dubai International Airport ( Project: Dubai International Airport continue to expand the facilities with an investment of $7.8 billion in order to keep up with the volume of expected growth)

Suleiman S Suleiman


Tanzania Airports Authority

from America

Tom Ruth

CEO, Edmonton Airport

Howard Eng

CEO, Greater Toronto Airports Authority 

Hot Topics are:

World New trends in airport construction and growth in next 10 years

World Airports Expansion Data Release

Incorporating real estate in your airport master plan 

Terminals and Landside Planning: make an airport better integrated with local community

Improving Maintenance& Facility Management: a Way to Cut Costs

Collaboration and the cloud makes airport intelligent

Updating Airport Safety Management and Technology

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