Fraport’s VIP service moves into larger premises and now includes a fitness area

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New lounge at Frankfurt Airport has space for 120 guests – VIP package can be booked by all passengers…

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Fraport AG has been offering VIP treatment as part of its service for 40 years. It can be booked by all passengers and is proving increasingly popular. Currently, the VIP Lounge has been temporarily relocated as part of an extensive renovation project. Its new home is situated in Pier A and is much larger than the previous lounge, covering almost 1,200 square meters. Regular customers of Frankfurt Airport will recognize the new premises as the former Lufthansa Business or Senator Lounge. “After the Lufthansa lounges moved to the new Pier A-Plus, we were presented with an ideal alternative to the existing VIP Lounge. We have equipped the new lounge to fully meet our standards,” said Bärbel Storch, head of Fraport’s VIP Service.

The airport operator wanted an interior design that would set it apart from conventional airport lounges. Frankfurt-based studio MM Design has turned this vision into reality, and its owner, Countess Bergit Douglas, likens the revamp to the interior of a five-star hotel: “The ambience captivates guests with a harmonious atmosphere while ensuring the required functionality.” The look is enhanced by classical and modern-style paintings. A new feature is the fitness area, which allows guests to work out on state-of-the-art equipment before or after a long flight. The shower and changing area is available to all VIP guests, not just fitness fans.

Fraport’s new VIP Lounge was officially opened on Wednesday, May 21, with numerous selected guests in attendance. Once the renovation work is complete, Bärbel Storch and her team will move back to the original premises, although they will then be twice as large with an area of 1,200 square meters. “For now, we are looking forward to using our interim lounge, which will be our home for at least 3 years,” said Storch.

All passengers can book Fraport’s VIP Service regardless of their airline or travel class – whether for departures, arrivals, or stopovers, and for both scheduled commercial flights as well as flights by private or corporate jet. Fraport’s VIP Service staff members perform the check-in procedure for passengers as well as all entry and exit formalities. Furthermore, limousines are available to drive guests straight to the airplane or pick them up from there. This allows users of the service to enjoy a relaxing stay in the lounge, using their time just as they choose. The VIP package costs €298 plus VAT per guest and €110 for each accompanying person.

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