AAI celebrates International Women’s Day by providing All-women Air Traffic Services

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On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Airports Authority of India demonstrated the spirit of equality between men and women by operating unique all-women Air Traffic Services…

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On the occasion of International Women’s Day on the 08th March 2014, Airports Authority of India demonstrated the spirit of equality between men and women by operating unique all-women Air Traffic Services at the IGI Airport New Delhi, Mumbai, Amritsar and many airports across the country this morning.

The pilots operating in the vast Indian airspaces were pleasantly surprised to hear the mellifluous voices of Women controllers giving the crucial Control instructions over Radio on all the channels of Air Traffic Control during certain specific periods. The women Controllers of Airports Authority of India took over the vital operational positions from Departure, En route to Arrival namely Tower, Surface Movement Control, Approach Radar and Area radar control at Delhi and handled aircraft safely, efficiently and expeditiously. They were ably supported by ANS Electronics personnel.

Complementing the unique feat, Mr. V. Somasundaram, Member (ANS), said that Airports Authority of India, as an organization earnestly upholding the concept of Sthree Sakthi (Women Power) and fairness to women does boast of a sizable number of women employees in its ranks all over the country. It includes over 200 women Air Traffic Controllers and as many women CNS maintenance executives, who are entrusted with the challenging job of providing Air Navigation Services across the Indian sky and ensuring safety of Aircraft operations.

The demanding job of an Air Traffic Controller entails a complex set of tasks requiring very high levels of knowledge, expertise, presence of mind, retentivity and the practical application of specific skills pertaining to cognitive domains. They are expected to perform multi-tasking, as they have to communicate with the aircraft, peruse the Radar Screen, update the Flight Progress Strips and talk to the adjacent controller or adjacent ATS unit all at the same time. The controllers are required to remain vigilant and cool throughout the operational duty, ready to cope with unexpected or unforeseen situations such as aircraft emergency declarations or extreme weather conditions.

Similarly the job of the ANS Electronics personnel entails knowledge of latest technology systems, which includes both cutting edge electronics hardware and software systems. As this is specialized field, the knowledge domain is to be acquired by constant training and skill up gradation through Competency examinations. They are required to remain alert and efficient throughout the operational and maintenance duty to cope with unexpected breakdown of the systems or other systems or other unforeseen situations such as arising due to aircraft emergency and other contingencies in Air Traffic Services.

The women officials of ANS performing the above complex functions have amply demonstrated that AAI bestows equal opportunities for women even in such a complex field and Women have seized the opportunities and delivered to their potential. Some of the women officers have even risen to the level of ATC Supervisors and Instructors demonstrating skill and competency in such challenging jobs. They are also regularly deputed to represent AAI in many Technical meetings and International Seminars.

Mr V.Somasundaram, Member(ANS) aptly summed up that women of Airports Authority of India have vindicated the organizational conviction that women should feel empowered to assert the right to a life of responsibility, challenge, dignity and self-worth which is also in line with the theme of International Women’s Day 2014 – “Equality for women is progress for all”.

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