Governor Rick Scott announces State Investment of $213.5 million into Orlando International Airport Intermodal Complex

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Florida Governor Rick Scott announced the State of Florida will be contributing $213.5M towards the development of an Intermodal Transportation Facility…

Orlando International Airport (MCO) Logo

Florida Governor Rick Scott announced the State of Florida will be contributing $213.5M towards the development of an Intermodal Transportation Facility (ITF) to serve rail passengers arriving at Orlando International Airport (MCO). The ITF is one component of the airport’s Automated People Mover (APM) complex. Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA) Chairman Frank Kruppenbacher, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs were on hand to thank the Governor for the investment. This will position Orlando International Airport to be among the first on-airport intermodal facilities in the United States and the first in Florida with the capacity to conveniently support air travel, ground transportation and rail.

“As a major economic engine for the region, Orlando International Airport is poised to meet the growth demands of our global community,” says Frank Kruppenbacher, Chairman of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority. “Over $5 billion has been earmarked for investment into local industries, which creates jobs, and we must anticipate the demand these investments will create.”

South Airport APM Complex

The South Airport APM Complex will support future multi-modal travel connections, including All Aboard Florida, and enhance the airport’s current North Terminal capacity by providing a direct connection to the 2,400 space South Terminal parking garage; a people mover station for air carrier passengers, a parking facility and a ground transportation center, all of which will be funded by other sources of revenue. The planned enhancements will also enable Orlando International Airport to continue providing a high level of customer service while maintaining its reputation for fiscal responsibility. .

“Our philosophy has always been to plan for the future and implement strategies that make financial sense,” says Phil Brown, Executive Director of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority. “Our overall goal is to provide an efficient facility by phasing in projects over time and securing funding, while limiting the impact on the traveling public.”

Additional benefits to the Central Florida community will be an estimated 4,000 direct and indirect jobs and the global traveling community will enjoy greater ease of access. Construction on these projects begins in fiscal year 2014 and will conclude by fiscal year 2017.

Key sources of funding for these and future projects include; Passenger Facility Charges (PFCs) Customer Facility Charges (CFCs) and bonds. GOAA requested a capital investment from the State of Florida for $213.5 million or approximately 30% of total cost. GOAA will invest $470 million or approximately 70% of total cost; to provide the parking facility, roadway system and automated people mover. The Authority will also fund the Operating and Maintenance (O&M) costs associated with the facility and its supporting infrastructure.

State of Florida Investment Budget Breakdown:

  • $15.1 million design is in FY 2013-2014 budget 
  • $123.4 million construction is in FY 2014-2015 budget
  • $75.0 million construction is in FY 2015-2016 budget
  • $213.5 M Total State of Florida Investment