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Organisation already seeing benefits of becoming part of the security, aerospace & technology giant…

Lockheed Martin

In the three months since global technology giant Lockheed Martin acquired Amor Group the new joint operation has extended its reach with existing customers, won significant new contracts and is enhancing already leading products and services. The business is now shedding the Amor Group name to take on the Lockheed Martin brand in the key markets in which it operates.The acquisition of Amor Group, a key player within the transport, energy and public services sectors, provided Lockheed Martin with access to a number of leading technology solutions and innovations, including the Chroma Airport Suite, Process Safety and Information Management experience in the energy sector and a wealth of knowledge and experience from one of the public sector’s fastest growing ICT providers.

Lockheed Martin recently announced a new five-year deal to provide Service Integration & Management (SIAM) to the Ministry of Justice, overhauling the MoJ’s legacy IT contracts. With new deals in transport with NATS and in energy with a number of North Sea providers, the company is looking to significantly increase headcount across the UK, with 1,000 new jobs over the next two years

Scott Leiper, Managing Director, Lockheed Martin UK Civil Commercial said:

“Our technology has been consistently winning business across the world and, as Lockheed Martin, these opportunities are already increasing.

In energy, we have greater access to a global oil and gas market and a wider portfolio that includes energy efficiency. The revised transport offering means we can address a greater proportion of an airport’s end-to-end operation; covering terminal, airside and en-route operations. In public services, we continue to press the digital agenda combining our knowledge of major projects with the Scottish Government and recent MoJ SIAM award to secure more significant contracts.

“Lockheed Martin is a company with a huge global presence and one that is rapidly increasing in the UK and European markets. As a part of Lockheed Martin we are focused on delivering the best solutions for our customers, with the same commitment to innovation and culture but with the scale, strength and smarter technology of one of the world’s most experienced technology corporations.

“Our technology and expertise has already delivered significant growth for our business since 2009 and we are still aiming to treble our business area by 2016. With the Lockheed Martin brand supporting us across the world, we see no reason not to reach this target.”

Mark Cooper, Managing Director of Lockheed Martin UK ICT business added:

“When we acquired Amor we knew we were getting a company that had a tremendous record of growth driven by a strong culture and a determination to succeed. These are all values that we share at Lockheed Martin and we are excited at the opportunities for continued growth. This growth will be led by our innovative people, and we will continue to invest in recruiting the best staff in order to support our plans and deliver on our strategy of international growth in commercial markets.

After completing the acquisition in September we have been focused on meeting with customers to lay out our vision for the business going forward. As we explain the Information Systems & Global Solutions business they see the synergies as much as we do, and the reaction has been incredibly positive.”

Lockheed’s client base will benefit from a number of complementary skills and technologies;

Energy – The UK will now take on Lockheed Martin’s global oil and gas focus and already employs hundreds of people experienced in oil and gas operations. The company supports critical infrastructure that leads to the safe production of 800m barrels of oil per day and helps clients make the most of their assets both on and offshore through technological innovation. Process Safety and Information Management, in tandem with unrivalled cyber security experience, creates a compelling offering for the global oil and gas market.

Transport – Lockheed Martin systems already monitor 60% of the world’s air traffic while 75 airports globally, including Dubai International and Toronto Pearson use the Chroma Airport Suite, recognised as the world’s leading airport operational platform. Already monitoring 700m passenger movements and providing resource management in the terminal and airside; the expanded offering to include Lockheed Martin’s Logic Suite & Skyline products provides the tools for more efficient terminal, airside and en-route operations.

Public services – Lockheed Martin will use its experience as the #1 provider of ICT to the US Federal Government for 19 consecutive years to help the UK public sector deliver on the digital agenda across a wide number of departments. With experience in cloud computing, eProcurement, cyber security and SIAM Lockheed Martin now works with the Ministry for Justice, Department for Communities and Local Government, The Scottish Government and the Skills Funding Agency.

Globally, Lockheed’s Information Systems & Global Solutions business, consists of more than 26,000 employees and delivers a wide array of information technology systems and services in areas such as information and cyber security, finance, transportation, energy, health care and space exploration.

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