McCarran utilizes latest tech to manage/control exit lane breaches

Posted: 13 November 2013 | McCarran | No comments yet

McCarran International Airport has received TSA approval to fully utilize its automated exit lane corridors…

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McCarran International Airport has received Transportation Security Administration (TSA) approval to fully utilize its automated exit lane corridors to provide a more-secure process for passengers exiting protected areas of the airport’s Terminal 3. The automated Exit Lane Breach Control (ELBC) System, a product of the security technologies company, Kaba, is a combination of advanced monitoring, detection and barrier technology used to prevent entry into secure areas and notify airport security personnel in the event of a potential intrusi on. The system at McCarran is the first of its kind in the United States. “Kaba’s Exit Lane Breach Control has been in place at T3 from its opening, and we are very pleased to have recently received approval from TSA for fully independent operations,” said Rosemary A. Vassiliadis, Director of Aviation for Clark County. “The Kaba doors provide improved security for travelers and greater efficiency for the airport’s operational needs. We’re now looking at ways to install similar Kaba Lanes elsewhere at McCarran.”

The Kaba ELBC is designed to efficiently control passenger flow while preventing unauthorized entry, or breach, to the secure airside of the airport. The stand-alone integrated system monitors, alerts and notifies airport security personnel, in real-time, in the event of intrusion and detects suspicious pass- through or unattended objects. Moreover, its ability to work in accordance with all applicable regulations without requiring a person to physically staff an exit lane makes the Kaba ELBC a labor and cost-efficient option for airport security that allows for the reallocation of human assets to other functions.

“If we look at a snapshot of the airport industry today, this is an extraordinary option for airports concerned about recent changes in exit lane staffing requirements,” said David Wurtz, Director of Business Development for Kaba Access and Data Systems Americas. “The Kaba Lane offers a viable solution that eliminates the reoccurring cost associated with staffing exit lanes, with a relatively short return on investment.”

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