Massive Middle East airports expansion places aviation security on a high agenda

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Gulf airports aims at 450 million passengers a year by 2020…

Airport Show

Home to the world’s fastest-growing airports and international airlines, the Arabian Gulf states are investing massively in airport security to eliminate potential risks and threats and ensure a seamless experience to millions of passengers who are passing through the world’s new global travel crossroads.As demand for air travel continues to grow year on year, governments and aviation enforcement authorities face the need to adopt strict safety measures that will counter risks and threats before they occur whilst limiting the inconvenience faced by the passenger.

The global aviation security market, according to industry estimates, is worth over $22 billion.

Currently ranked world’s number two for international passengers, Dubai International Airport has more than 4000 security personnel and over 7000 advanced cameras that help in the upkeep of its excellent track record – and it is still expanding, along with the fast development of the new Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai World Central (DWC).

Mohammed Ahli, Director General, Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA), remarked: “Aviation security is not, and should not be, of a transit nature, but a constantly evolving requirement. An airport is always judged by its security and service standards. It’s crucial to adopt innovative technology, improve security and streamline efficiencies to offer a seamless passenger travel experience.”

Major General Ahmad Mohammad Bin Thani, Director of General Directorate for Airport Security at Dubai Police, said: “Airports need elaborate and continuous security. Our security leadership places huge attention to the challenges faced by the aviation sector, especially in the light of the accelerating growth which calls for continuous investment and the best use of available resources and latest technology in addition to the continuous development of security standards at the Dubai airports.”

The Airport Show 2014 edition will be held in Dubai from May 11 to 13 with the support of DCAA, Dubai Airports and Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects (DAEP) among others. International security companies like ARINC, CEM Systems and Smiths Detection are due to participate.

Daniyal Qureshi, Director of Airport Show, the largest airport industry event in the Middle East, Africa and Indian Subcontinent, said: “We have seen airport security remain a cornerstone of regional airport expansion and modernization. There is a huge business potential for international suppliers in the region as airport officials look at deploying the most innovative and advanced global security technologies at their facilities.”

Stephen Horner, International Business Development Director, Integrated Security Solutions, ARINC, said: “There are many security and systems integration opportunities throughout the GCC region. ARINC has provided integration and security solutions for more than 30 years to a security industry of equal age. We are able to provide ‘best fit’ technology and solution to airports. We wish to showcase our wider capability in delivering integrated security solutions, command and control facility as well as airport solutions.”

The company will be showcasing its Advanced information management (AIM) system at the show, a unified software platform that provides high levels of security systems integration and sub–system. As a product agnostic systems integrator, the challenge has always been to’ keep in step’ with the many new technologies and manufacturers coming into the security market place, he added.

Khaled Noeman, Managing Director, Intertech Vision Group, said: “The changing nature of global security threats necessitates that international airports deploy security solutions that go beyond the conventional. The Airport Show is a vital platform for us to showcase the most advanced technologies we offer to the airports industry”.

With over 140 installations in the region, Intertech is the leading designer and integrator for professional Operation Centers and Control Rooms in the fields of Airports, Airlines, Telecommunications, Traffic, Utilities, Security, Surveillance, Process Control, Broadcast, Military and Defense.

Gulf airports are aiming at 450 million passengers a year by 2020. GCC airports recorded a 10 per cent CAGR in air traffic in the past decade. Total aircraft movements in the region, encompassing six states are projected to cross the 2.3 million mark by 2025.

Dubai, which is expected to handle 65 million passengers this year, is close to becoming the world’s top airport for international passengers by 2015. Abu Dhabi is building a new $3 billion international airport terminal.

A new $15 billion airport for 28 million passengers a year is nearly complete in Doha. Dubai World Central is projected to attract 160 million passengers upon completion. The $400 million investment at Riyadh Airport is to be completed within the next 18 months.

A study by Global Industry Analysts, Airport Security Equipment: A Global Strategic Business Report, says that the growth of air traffic is creating a need for an efficient security solution capable of safeguarding the entire airport network, from the outer perimeter, to detect anomalies, to inside the airport, to identify intruders and detect suspicious movements.

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