Airservices announces new head of air traffic control

Posted: 29 October 2013 | Airservices | No comments yet

Airservices Australia has announced Mr Greg Hood has been appointed as the Executive General Manager…

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Airservices Australia has announced Mr Greg Hood has been appointed as the Executive General Manager, Air Traffic Control.

Mr Hood brings to the position an extensive background in the aviation industry including several years with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority as well as experience as an air traffic controller in the Royal Australian Air Force.

“I am very pleased and excited to be appointed to the position,” said Mr Hood. “It is an exciting time for Airservices and the aviation industry as a whole as we look to plan, develop and implement a new air traffic management platform to meet our future needs, and to enhance our business continuity capability and environmental sustainability.”

Mr Hood led Airservices management team in the Southern Hemisphere’s largest air traffic control centre in Melbourne and later led the team responsible for the provision of regional services including the operation of air traffic control towers across Australia.

He has also held several senior executive positions in the national and international arena including Chairman of the Air Traffic Control Working Group for the International Civil Aviation Organisation, Reduced Vertical Separation Minima Task-Force, and was also Co-Chairperson of the Informal South Pacific ATS Coordinating Group.

He is passionate about aviation in general and aviation safety in particular, and is a glider and powered aircraft pilot who owns and flies his own BD4 aircraft.

Airservices has over 1000 air traffic controllers that control 11 per cent of the world’s total airspace and manage air traffic operations for around 80 million passengers on more than four million flights each year.

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