Stansted passengers to benefit early from Ryanair bag change

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Ryanair will relax its restrictions on hand luggage at Stansted from 1st November 2013…

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Ryanair will relax its restrictions on hand luggage at Stansted from 1st November 2013 when the airline permits a second small bag1 to be taken into the cabin in addition to the standard piece of hand luggage2 – ideal for airport shopping.

The new rules, introduced at Stansted a month ahead of a wider rollout by Ryanair, will allow passengers to shop tax free at the airport safe in the knowledge they now have a greater allowance to carry goods on-board the aircraft across the two permitted bags.

All other airlines at Stansted already permit a second bag into the cabin so all passengers at Stansted can now benefit from the two bag rule.

Andrew Harrison, Stansted’s Managing Director, said:

“This is really good news for our passengers who I’m sure will be delighted they can take an extra small bag on the plane plus their usual one piece of hand luggage, regardless of the airline they are flying with.

“The new and developing relationship between Ryanair and M.A.G at Stansted has seen the airline review its previous policy and deliver a positive change that ensures all Stansted passengers can buy from the wide variety of shops in the terminal safe in the knowledge they will not breach this particular restriction.

“The move will help end some of the confusion that existed in this area and we’re confident it will also help make the whole Stansted experience more enjoyable for our passengers.”

Ryanair’s Robin Kiely said:

“After listening to our customers we are happy to extend our carry-on bag allowance to a second small carry-on bag for airport shopping (or ladies handbag) at Stansted from 1 Nov. This facility will be extended to other airports from 1 Dec.

“This 2nd small bag must fit within our 35 x 20 x 20 cm dimensions, otherwise it will be placed in the aircraft hold for safety reasons.”


  1. Ryanair second small bag dimension: 35cm x 20cm x 20cm
  2. Ryanair standard hand luggage dimension: 55cm x 40cm x 20cm

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