ADB partners with ewo®

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To offer large area LED flood lighting solutions that help airports improve safety, efficiency and reduce operational costs…

ADB partners with ewo®, strengthens airfield lighting portfolio. To offer large area LED flood lighting solutions that help airports improve safety, efficiency and reduce operational costs.

ADB Airfield Solutions has tied up with ewo, a leading provider of public area lighting systems to add the latter’s range of LED flood lighting solutions to its offering. These help airports illuminate large areas such as aprons in an energy- and cost- efficient way while optimizing visibility to improve airfield safety.

“With the growing emphasis on operational efficiency, airports are exploring ways to optimize large area lighting which is typically a huge energy cost, and our range of LED flood lighting is specially designed for this purpose,” said Ernst Wohlgemuth, Managing Director, ewo. “As a leader in our field, we are delighted to partner with ADB, a world leader in airfield ground lighting, to expand our market presence and customer reach globally.”

ADB will offer ewo’s range of high performance, energy efficient F-System of LED flood lights which is easy to use and maintain, and typically used in high mast systems for illuminating large areas. Using the multilayer concept*, this product range delivers more even and precise illumination than conventional lighting systems.

The F-System of LED flood lights also includes a dimming** feature which helps pilots and ground staff easily identify which area they should focus on. At the same time, it ensures lower power consumption and reduces carbon emissions. The range also includes the hot re-start*** feature which significantly improves apron safety. In case of power failure, this ensures lights are switched back on almost instantly, unlike conventional lighting which needs more time or additional investments.

“Our collaboration with ewo reinforces our partnership strategy which aims to evolve ADB into an end-to-end provider of airfield ground lighting (AGL) and related solutions,” said Christian Onselaere, CEO, ADB Airfield Solutions. “As a pioneer in LED airfield lighting, we understand the immense benefits airports can enjoy by switching to this form of lighting which is environment friendly as well as cost-efficient. ewo is therefore a welcome addition to our solutions portfolio.”

* Multi-layer concept: A more fail-safe method of illuminating a large area where the lighting direction is distributed uniformly across multiple LED light units in an installation. If an individual light unit fails, the area continues to be illuminated although at a reduced level, rather than patches of unlit areas, as would be the case in conventional lighting systems.

** Dimming: In addition to saving power consumption, airports can use the dimming feature to guide the ground staff or pilots to specific aircraft parking stands or de-icing stations by lighting those areas, and dimming other zones.

*** Hot re-start: If the LED apron flood lighting is switched off in case of an emergency or accidentally, it can be restored in less than one second. Conventional lighting such as Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium lamps typically can be restored only after 15 minutes of waiting time. Furthermore, additional investments are required if this feature has to be added to conventional lighting.

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