Atkins selected for design work as Tampa International Airport expands

Posted: 28 May 2013 | Atkins | 1 comment

HCAA has appointed Atkins as designers on the expansion programme of its Tampa International Airport…

Hillsborough County Aviation Authority (HCAA) in Florida, US, has appointed Atkins as designers on the expansion programme of its Tampa International Airport. The work includes the expansion of the main terminal transfer level and improvements to its concessions.

According to Atkins’ national market leader for aviation architecture, Darryl K. McDonald: “Atkins will be providing part of the schematic design effort for expanding the main terminal transfer level and redeveloping concessions at all landside and airside facilities. We will also be working on designs to relocate the automated people mover (APM) shuttle lobby, create way-finding signage, and make a variety of terminal refurbishments and seating improvements.”

Atkins is also tasked with developing the design for a new, centralized concessions distribution warehouse.

The work is all part of the 3,300-acre airport’s updated, 20-year masterplan. Atkins’ efforts—due for completion in 2014—are expected to help provide a number of benefits, including:

  • Adding new concessions and improving concessions distribution, which will provide added shopping convenience for travelers and improve the airport’s revenue stream
  • Relocating the APM stations in the main terminal transfer level, which will help expand the area in which travelers can interact with one another
  • Improving the overall aesthetics and functional layout of the landside terminal transfer area, which will provide a more satisfying airport experience for travelers and airport visitors.

Tampa International Airport CEO, Joe Lopano, said: “The beauty of this masterplan is that it takes a measured approach to capital investment so we can expand incrementally as passenger demand dictates. It also takes advantage of the airport’s ground‐breaking original design, which offers plug‐and‐play expansion by building a new airside attached to the main terminal.”

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One response to “Atkins selected for design work as Tampa International Airport expands”

  1. Once again another airport is starting its remodel. If you read the article you will find no mention of SECURITY. Why are we so Nivea about terrorism. Do you think we should add another layer of security or should we just make a larger candy counter. Some day “they” will come and it won’t be a pretty picture.
    Fortunately I have moved from the Florida area.
    Security costs money and so does your parents, your rele’s and many others. I do CT work for airports. I did some work with a contractor who was designing and installing new fence work at an airport in Dubai. What a disaster


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