ADB Airfield Solutions reinforces leadership, unveils end-to-end approach and industry-first products

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ADB will be showcasing its end-to-end approach to enhancing runway safety…

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At the upcoming Airport Show 2013 in Dubai, ADB is showcasing its end-to-end approach to enhancing runway safety. The approach takes a complete view of an airport’s needs to combine various elements that work cohesively and enable an integrated solution for visual guidance and control. The company is also launching the industry’s first LED elevated turn pad lights* as well as IREL lights**. With these, airports can almost fully convert to energy-efficient LED lighting on the runway.

ADB’s end-to-end approach encompasses the company’s key domains – its market-leading airfield ground lighting (AGL) products and overall systems, complementary third-party solutions offered through partnerships, AGL design expertise, system engineering experience, and training programs backed by full service support. The New Doha International Airport, scheduled to open later this year, is testimony to ADB’s end-to-end strategy.

“Our customer-first philosophy inspires us to look at ways in which we can deliver a solution that effectively tackles the challenges our customers face today and our end-to-end approach is one such strategic initiative,” said Christian Onselaere, CEO, ADB Airfield Solutions. “With airport projects at Qatar, Taiwan and Malaysia relying on the strength of our new approach, we’re positive that this is a step in the right direction.”

Among the new products being unveiled are ADB’s Elevated Turn Pad Lights which illuminate runway turn pads. The company is also launching Inset Runway Edge Lights (IREL), which along with its existing range of Elevated Runway Edge Lights (EREL) complete the company’s LED portfolio for runway edge lights.

ADB Airfield Solutions’ participation at the 13th edition of the Dubai Airport Show from May 6 – 8, 2013 reinforces its commitment to the Middle East. The company is a market leader in the region with the largest number of references and contracts, and plans to expand its presence with a new office in Doha, Qatar.

Visit ADB Airfield Solutions at Booth # 164.

*Elevated turn pad lights illuminate the edge of a runway turn pad which is a defined area on a land aerodrome where aircrafts can complete a 180-degree turn on a runway. It is created when there is no taxiway serving the end of a runway.

ADB’s new Elevated TPL lights are highly energy efficient, and provide constant illumination from 2.8 to 6.6 Amps, keeping the edge of the turn pad visible even at the lowest step of the CCR (constant current regulator), without the need for special saturated isolation transformers.

**IREL lights are used to indicate runway edge (white or yellow) applications.

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