ICAO and TIACA to Strengthen Cooperation

Posted: 18 April 2013 | ICAO | No comments yet

ICAO and TIACA have signed a Declaration of Intent to strengthen their cooperation on technical matters…

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) signed a Declaration of Intent today to strengthen their cooperation on technical matters.

The declaration was officially signed in Dallas at TIACA’s 2013 Executive Summit by the Association’s Chairman, Michael Steen, and by ICAO’s Secretary General, Raymond Benjamin.

Under the terms of the new agreement, ICAO and TIACA will work more closely on air cargo and mail security and facilitation, accelerating the evolution from paper-based to electronic practices, environmental stewardship, the liberalization of market access for air cargo services and air cargo safety.

Raymond Benjamin said: “ICAO has been grateful for the input and advice received by TIACA as we have begun to develop closer ties with the air cargo sector. With this agreement now supporting our future cooperation across a wide-range of shared priorities, ICAO will be focusing its near-term efforts on evolving our regulatory frameworks with States and industry stakeholders, including TIACA, toward the greater liberalization of air cargo services.”

Michael Steen added: “This is another highly significant breakthrough in the new era of collaboration between our industry and leading regulatory bodies. ICAO is taking a lead in critical areas of aviation, such as security and the environment, and the Secretary General and his team have made a clear point of meeting with us, listening to our views and participating in our events to learn more about the requirements and concerns of the air cargo industry. ICAO clearly sees air cargo as the vital industry that it is and we welcome the opportunity to help this important global standards setter realize its objectives based on a stronger understanding of the views of our sector.”

ICAO and TIACA have agreed to consult, confer and cooperate on a continuous basis, over and above attendance at formal meetings. They will keep each other informed of projected activities and programmes of work in the areas identified in the Declaration of Intent.

TIACA, which is already on the list of international organizations that may be invited to attend suitable ICAO meetings, has agreed to disseminate information on relevant ICAO standards and recommended practices, policies and technical guidance materials and to promote implementation by its members.

Each of the parties will also invite the other to be represented by observers at global and regional conferences or meetings relating to the areas of cooperation.

This new commitment by ICAO and TIACA follows a joint communiqué for ‘Enhanced Cooperation in the Field of Air Cargo Transportation’ last October, which was issued at TIACA’s 26th International Air Cargo Forum & Exposition in Atlanta, Georgia.

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