More flexibility and comfort for communication in the air traffic control: AirTalk 3000 Flex makes its debut at the ATC Global

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The new AirTalk 3000 Flex to be presented…

Imtradex's AirTalk 3000 Flex

At the ATC Global from the 12th to the 14th of March, a very special product highlight will be waiting for the visitors at the booth of Imtradex: with the new AirTalk 3000 Flex, Imtradex present the newest headset from the AirTalk 3000-series to the public, at one of the most important trade fairs for the air traffic control.

Imtradex's AirTalk 3000 Flex

Imtradex’s AirTalk 3000 Flex

Designed specifically for demanding users in air traffic control, the communication tool combines the many benefits of the extremely light AirTalk 3000 models – including the crystal clear sound, the unbreakable design and the sophisticated Acoustic Shock Protection (ASP) against too high sound pressure levels – with additional operation and wearing comfort.

“Staff from the air traffic control communicates over long periods. The communication has to be performed clearly. With the new version of the AirTalk 3000 Flex, we give the user more flexibility in positioning the microphone” explains Ralf Kudernak, Managing Director of Imtradex. For this purpose the AirTalk 3000 Flex have a flexible microphone, so that the user can adjust microphone to the desired distance from the mouth.

In addition to the AirTalk 3000 models, Imtradex will present our other headsets from the AirTalk Series: these also include the models for ramp agents in the aircraft handling and for pilots. We hope to see you at our Stand D101 in Hall 10.

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