Xsight Systems is crowned as a top innovative company

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Xsight Systems was ranked number 2 of ten by the U.S. business magazine ‘Fast Company’…

Xsight’s FAA-approved FODetect system

Xsight’s FODetect system

Xsight Systems, a provider of advanced runway sensor solutions and chosen by leading airports worldwide, was crowned as one of Israel’s top 10 innovative companies for 2013 by the U.S. business magazine ‘Fast Company’. Xsight Systems was ranked number 2 of ten Israeli companies such as SodaStream and Waze, listed in the magazine’s annual rankings of the most innovative companies from around the world.

Xsight’s FAA-approved FODetect system

Xsight’s FAA-approved FODetect system

“We take pride in being on this honorable list, beyond that we are happy to contribute to the state of innovation in the world’s economy driven by the aviation industry. Xsight innovative Runway Management Solution provides leading airports with improved runway safety, increased runway capacity and enhanced operational efficiency. The company will continue to develop its innovative technology to deliver crucial benefits to airport operators and answer growing needs.” said Alon Nitzan, President & CEO of Xsight Systems.

As cited in the paper “Foreign Object Debris costs the aviation industry around $13 billion per year…Xsight’s FAA-approved FODetect system has emerged as one of the leading solutions,using hybrid radar and electro-optical technology to detect junk on runways. Boston’s Logan Airport was the first to test it in 2009, and Paris Charles De Gaulle and Bangkok Suvarnabhumi installed it in 2012”.

Real world installations show that FODetect has detected hazardous FODs on operating runways such as metal parts from aircrafts as well as birds & wildlife. Both are a well-known problem in the aviation world which can now be mitigated by using state-of-the-art technology.

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