San Antonio Airport completes first phase of Terminal A renovations

Posted: 31 January 2013 | San Antonio International Airport | No comments yet

First remodeled gate areas to open for airline and public use…


Tomorrow (1st February) San Antonio International Airport (SAT) will open the first completed phase of the Terminal A renovations. Housing Delta Air Lines, Gates 14, 15, 16 of Terminal A will open for public and airline usage. Included in the renovations are new finishes, infrastructure upgrades and completely modernized restrooms which will provide a customer experience consistent with the airport’s Terminal B, which opened in November 2010.

The project also includes improvements to the TSA security checkpoint in the popular terminal. Estimated to cost $35 million, work in the terminal will be phased and primarily occur at night to limit interruption of service and convenience.

As work continues to be completed in the phases, additional sections of the concourse and terminal will open. Throughout the process airport leadership has been placing a major emphasis on limiting the inconvenience to passengers. Communication with passengers has been increased including informational and wayfinding signage, overhead announcements and social media communication.

Improvements in the Terminal A Renovation Project include:

  • Complete renovation of 12 public restrooms
  • Upgraded interior lighting and finishes
  • New flooring
  • 6 new escalators
  • Refurbish 5 elevators
  • Replace HVAC units & pneumatic controls
  • Extend fire sprinkler system
  • New furniture and fixtures

Funded as a City of San Antonio Enterprise Fund, the Aviation Department does not use City funds or local tax dollars to operate or pay for enhancements or changes. This project is funded through user fees, rents, and airline rates & charges.

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