Modern aesthetics and new airport services enhance passengers’ experience

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Athens International Airport introduced a number of aesthetic and functional upgrades…

Athens International Airport logo

Aiming at enhancing the airport ambience, and taking into account what passengers have to say in the daily satisfaction survey, Athens International Airport introduced a number of aesthetic and functional upgrades in the Main Terminal Building, combined with new, innovative services.

Athens International Airport logoReflecting AIA’s high technological profile, the new areas and upgraded services offer passengers a more modern, pleasant and user-friendly environment. Dynamic information, modern design, more reflections of Athens and images from across the world, enhance passengers’ experience at the airport.

Arrivals Central Info:

Implementing an aesthetical and functional upgrade, a new Central Info was created on Arrivals Level, replacing the 2 previously operating info-counters. The new info point, located right in the centre of the Arrivals area, welcomes passengers arriving in Athens, in a comfortable, pleasant and functional environment.

Renovation of Bus Gates

The airport’s renovated bus gates have significantly enhanced passengers’ experience, introducing the use of colour, impressive lighting and new materials in a modern design, at the same time offering “more of Athens” – faces of a historic and inviting city.

Virtual Assistants

Through this innovative new service, “digitalized” airport employees greet passengers at two selected Arrivals points (Intra & Extra Schengen), providing 24-hour airport information, in the form of pre-recorded video messages. Dynamic messaging creation is just one of the many capabilities this specific technology offers, which is expected to expand in the future.

Internet Island

In the Intra Schengen Departures area, AIA has created an “Internet island”, bringing together for travellers a series of tech-services in an attractive Internet environment: this new “hot spot” offers passengers services such as Wi-Fi connection, airport information monitors, free pc-access, mobile phone charging, and specially designed laptop bars. In the near future, a second “Internet island” will be created, in the Arrivals area.


Using advanced technology, the 8 new “Time-to-Gate” monitors dynamically inform passengers for the time needed to reach the boarding gate from their standing point, on the basis of the remaining distance combined with queue flows progress at screening points.

Through this service, passengers are significantly facilitated in allocating their time in the terminal, while at the same time long queuing is avoided and terminal services run in a smooth way.

Branded video walls

On the basis of the airport’s state-of-the-art tech services, offering a central and dynamic information management that “follows” the scheduling of flights, airlines can directly address their passengers before boarding with their very own material (services, destination information, weather etc), through AIA’s new video walls, installed in 10 passenger boarding gates.

World Tracer Kiosks

In case of delayed luggage, arriving passengers at the airport now have the option of saving time by submitting an automated report, at the new special e-kiosks, located in the airport’s baggage reclaim area.

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