Vilnius International Airport reports profitable performance for the last nine months of 2012

Posted: 26 October 2012 | Vilnius International Airport (VIA) | No comments yet

VIA reached the profit of LTL 0.8 million over the period of nine months of 2012…

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Vilnius International Airport (VIA) reached the profit of LTL 0.8 million over the period of nine months of 2012. Financial performance of the company exceeds the planned performance by LTL 1.7 million.

“Increasing number of passengers leads to new routes, which consequently has a positive impact on the growth of flights. More flights means more revenue and more expenditure, therefore, to ensure profitable performance of the airport, cost control must be given greater attention. Vilnius Airport, having the lowest fees in the Baltic States, increased its revenue and controlled expenditure in such a way that allowed generating profit over the period of nine months of 2012,” – states Director General of VIA Tomas Vaišvila.

First three quarters of 2011 brought revenue of LTL 36.6 million to Vilnius Airport. The same targets were set for 2012; however, the result was 4.6 per cent better.

Over the period from January through September 2012 Vilnius International Airport serviced 1.7 million passengers, which amounts to 29.91 per cent more than during the same period last year, and performed 22,634 flights reaching the growth of 8.84 per cent compared to 2011.

This year Vilnius Airport offered 40 regular direct routes performed by 21 airlines.

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