airsight launches A-­CDM training course – the latest addition to their well-established training portfolio

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airsight is pleased to announce the addition of A-­CDM to its successful training portfolio…

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airsight GmbH, a well-­‐established consulting and training company specializing in ATM and airports design, operations and safety, is pleased to announce the addition of Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-­CDM) to its successful training portfolio.

A-­CDM enjoys continuous top level support by all industry organisations (i.e. ACI, CANSO, IATA, EUROCONTROL).because it delivers significant and proven benefits to all airport partners, as demonstrated at the first 5 airports connected to the Network Manager. However, its benefits are only realised if A-­CDM is implemented in a complete and consistent way. In order to prepare airport partners for local A-­CDM implementation, the recently launched airsight’s A-­CDM training course provides a thorough understanding of the required steps and their essential prerequisites, accompanied by a detailed analysis of the lessons learned from the successful (but also from the less successful) implementation projects.

In order to ensure the A-­CDM training course meets their strict quality criteria / high quality standards, airsight selected to collaborate with TOTALCDM ( for the preparation and delivery of this course. TOTALCDM is a specialized consulting company involved in the EUROCONTROL pioneer A-­CDM project from its initial phases, in the development of all relevant documentation and has significant hands-­‐on implementation experience across the globe.

airsight expands its established training portfolio (consisting of several ATM and Airports technical, legal and safety specific courses , including the very first training course on upcoming EASA aerodrome regulations) to offer a 4-­‐day course on A-­CDM as an integral part of their annual training programme. The first training course is scheduled for 27-­‐30 November 2012 in Prague, Czech Republic.

The A-­CDM training course is also available as on-­‐location / on-­‐airport / in-­‐company training course. Such a solution guarantees the maximum benefits for all local airport partners, as they receive site-­‐ specific expert guidance on how to implement A-­CDM at their own airport.

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